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Disaster Recovery vs Business Continuity

By Rob Townsend / November 8, 2019

Businesses run on data. So, you need to ensure that data is protected in a way that you know will allow your business to carry on running. Downtime is not something any business can afford.  That’s where business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) come in. But what exactly are business continuity and disaster recovery? … Continue reading “Disaster Recovery vs Business Continuity”

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cohesity vs barracuda

Cohesity vs Barracuda

By Rob Townsend / September 5, 2019

With cyber crime on the rise and the amount of data businesses handle, it’s no wonder that data can be lost or stolen so easily. That’s why your business needs a business continuity plan which includes backup and disaster recovery software. However, knowing exactly what kind of solution your business needs isn’t always so simple, … Continue reading “Cohesity vs Barracuda”

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cohesity vs commvault

Cohesity vs Commvault

By Troy Platts / August 29, 2019

In today’s technologically advanced era, data is the lifeblood of businesses. That’s why it’s not worth taking any risks with it. In the event of a data breach, natural disaster or purely through human error, data loss will bring your business’ operations to a halt, which isn’t something you can afford. Simply having your data … Continue reading “Cohesity vs Commvault”

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cohesity vs arcserve

Cohesity vs Arcserve

By Troy Platts / August 15, 2019

A business priority in today’s digital age should be having a data recovery and business continuity plan in place. Businesses who don’t are taking unnecessary risks! You can’t predict what could happen — a data breach, human error, system failure or even a natural disaster — which could cause your business to lose data, halting … Continue reading “Cohesity vs Arcserve”

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rubrik vs commvault

Rubrik vs Commvault

By Rob Townsend / August 8, 2019

Cloud data management might not seem like a priority for your company, but having a backup and disaster recovery plan in place may save your business time and money. You never know when your business could lose data. Your business could lose data from a data breach, a natural disaster or even human error, so … Continue reading “Rubrik vs Commvault”

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Top 5 Requirements for Enterprise Backup and Recovery

Top 5 Requirements for Enterprise Backup & Recovery

By Troy Platts / August 1, 2019

In this guest blog by Cohesity, we learn about what a business truly needs to look for when implementing an enterprise backup and recovery solution. You can find Cohesity’s full blog below, as well as a link to the original at the bottom. By 2021, 50% of organizations will augment or replace their current backup … Continue reading “Top 5 Requirements for Enterprise Backup & Recovery”

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rubrik vs dell

Rubrik vs Dell EMC Data Domain

By Rob Townsend / July 25, 2019

You may not realise it, but your business revolves around data. Everything you have accumulated in the past and continue to accumulate is essential to your business’ operations, so you need to make sure all that data is protected. You can do this by adding backup and DR software to your business continuity plan. Utilising … Continue reading “Rubrik vs Dell EMC Data Domain”

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NexProtect Wins at Storage Awards

NexProtect Wins For Nexstor At The Storage Awards 2019

By Catherine Osborne / July 19, 2019

Winning combination of dedicated on-site hardware and private cloud secures prestigious award for UK storage specialist Nexstor. London, UK – 13th June 2019 – Data systems integrator Nexstor today announced that it has won the coveted Cloud Backup & DR Hybrid Platform of the Year category at The Storage Awards 2019 for its innovative platform … Continue reading “NexProtect Wins For Nexstor At The Storage Awards 2019”

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Rubrik vs Cohesity

Rubrik vs Cohesity

By Troy Platts / July 18, 2019

Businesses in our digital age run on data, so it’s important you’ve insured it all. If you lose any data, whether that’s due to a failure in the system or a cyber attack, is your business able to retrieve anything that was lost?  If your business can’t, you need to ensure you have backup and … Continue reading “Rubrik vs Cohesity”

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