NetApp vs. HPE 3PAR

By Troy Platts / January 9, 2019

The data storage industry is growing at an impressive pace. Global spending on data storage solutions will breach $51 billion in 2019, capping an extraordinary decade of IT spending increases. There is an enormous demand for data storage from private businesses and government institutions. Both require the ability to store and manage vast troves of … Continue reading “NetApp vs. HPE 3PAR”

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Nutanix vs. NetApp

By Troy Platts / December 19, 2018

Do you understand hyperconvergence? Everyone needs more storage — but what should be your next purchase? Hyperconvergence has emerged as the buzzword to rule them all. Offering to solve storage needs simply, breaking down silos and offering straightforward scaling. Is this, however, true? Are all hyperconverged systems created equal? Hyperconvergence, or more accurately hyperconverged infrastructure … Continue reading “Nutanix vs. NetApp”

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Nimble versus Pure Storage

Nimble vs. Pure Storage

By Rob Townsend / December 19, 2018

Can Hybrid Arrays Still Compete in the All-Flash Data Centre?   The amount of data being created every minute continues to skyrocket. Businesses of all kinds are budgeting for more storage space. In the year 2018 alone, the enterprise storage market grew by 21.3% to a valuation of £10.1 billion.* As the importance of data … Continue reading “Nimble vs. Pure Storage”

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Top data center trends to watch in 2019

Top Data Center Trends To Watch In 2019

By Troy Platts / December 12, 2018

In the guest blog below, originally written by David Chernicoff at HPE we learn about what data center trends we can expect in 2019 as well as how technological innovations will be shaping the future of the data center. Corporate data centers will remain a significant part of IT operations, but how they’re used will continue … Continue reading “Top Data Center Trends To Watch In 2019”

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NetApp vs. Pure Storage

NetApp vs. Pure Storage

By Troy Platts / November 29, 2018

Do You Need All-Flash, All of the Time? All-flash arrays are becoming the standard piece of hardware in many data centres. Businesses are changing how they look at storage in order to meet the demands of big data. Last quarter, the all-flash market experienced nearly 55% year on year growth, pulling in $2.1 billion in … Continue reading “NetApp vs. Pure Storage”

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Software-Defined Storage and Hyperconvergence Trends for 2019

By Rob Townsend / November 22, 2018

In the guest blog below, originally written by Gerardo Dada from Datacore we learn about the trends in software-defined storage and hyperconvergence for 2019. Datacore has recently published a market survey, The State of Software-Defined, Hyperconverged and Cloud Storage, with interesting findings*. This article focuses on multiple areas from the report that are worth exploring. You can find … Continue reading “Software-Defined Storage and Hyperconvergence Trends for 2019”

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Dell EMC Unity vs. HPE Nimble

By Troy Platts / November 14, 2018

Comparing The Conglomerate Giants of Hybrid and All-Flash Storage Arrays The 21st century demands storage. Companies of all types and sizes are scrambling to reckon with the ever-increasing storage needs of digital business. This means growth, an emphasis on scalability and keeping costs down. Dell EMC’s Unity and HPE’s Nimble promise to solve these needs, … Continue reading “Dell EMC Unity vs. HPE Nimble”

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NetApp vs. Dell EMC Unity

By Rob Townsend / November 7, 2018

A head to head between two of the biggest players in all-flash and hybrid storage arrays. The data economy is forcing companies of all sizes to reassess their storage needs. In 2018, the enterprise storage market grew by 21.3% to a valuation of £10.1 billion*. Interest in hyperscale infrastructure, cloud access and server-based storage are … Continue reading “NetApp vs. Dell EMC Unity”

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How to choose Hardware for data storage

How to Choose Hardware for Data Storage

By Troy Platts / October 31, 2018

A guide to the complexity of hardware choices The first problem faced by anyone looking to buy an IT product, be it hardware or software, are the number of choices — it can be paralysing. This is a primary reason for the existence of Apple. However, for businesses looking to implement enterprise-level IT solutions on … Continue reading “How to Choose Hardware for Data Storage”

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