Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service

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Reducing downtime is critical to staying competitive and trusted in your industry.

Disasters such as a server going down, a site losing power or more serious events such as fires and floods can have dramatic impacts on business operations.

The solution? Our disaster recovery cloud platform is built on best-of-breed hardware and software from HPE, VMWARE, Zerto, and Veeam. We build you a service that feels familiar so that in the event of service invocation, you are in the driving seat from the word go.

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Work with Nexstor to create a tailored disaster recovery plan

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Nexstor's experienced technical consultants will work with your team to identify the specific needs of your business. An invocation and procedures planning session will be undertaken to create a comprehensive step-by-step Disaster Recovery plan: planning is key to minimising business disruption.

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Our cloud platform is based upon best-of-breed technologies which make implementing the DR plan simple and repeatable. With support for both VMWARE and Hyper-V and physical servers, our UK cloud platform will ensure your RPO/RTO targets are always achieved.

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Nexstor offers regular testing as part of our service to ensure that you can recover your environment within your expected SLA. This can be as simple as failing over a single VM, to a full site failover, and complete recovery of all applications into our cloud. We give our clients confidence and certainty when they need it most. 

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Why work with Nexstor?

There are many reasons why you should start your DR journey with Nexstor:



The modern security threat landscape is constantly changing and keeping our service secure from both external and internal threats are at the heart of every we do. Through certifications such as ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, and Cyber Essentials Plus, Nexstor's commitment to the highest levels of security are tested and measured continuously.

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Support is our strength

With our UK-based, 24x7 support desk, our clients can access our support in three ways: Customer Portal, email, 24x7 telephone support.



When you buy a new car, you wouldn’t expect the dealership to charge you to drive the car! Assessing the overall cost of either a managed service or a simple cloud backup service can be impossible with some providers. With Nexstor, your bill will be based on the number of resources you reserve on our platform, not to use these resources! In the event of invocation and failing-over into our Cloud, you will not receive a bill for use!

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Quality & security built in

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Reduce your on-prem infrastructure

In the event of failing over services into Nexstor's cloud, you will not receive additional charges for the use of your reserved resources. Our approach gives our customers predictable costs over many years, so there is no need to invest twice in the amount of infrastructure or staff: we can create a mirror of your on-premise workloads in our Cloud with a predictable cost.

Prepare for the worst with help from Nexstor!

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