Private cloud hosting

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Protecting and accessing all of your business's critical applications and data is vital to long-term success.

At Nexstor, our Private Cloud Hosting solutions are devised specifically as a mission-critical system that’s there for you when you need it most. We’ll design your solution from the ground up and provide managed hosting that ensures:

  • No single point of failure impacts performance
  • You can scale up and down as necessary
  • Hardware issues don’t impact the reliability of your solution
  • Your applications and data are secure and accessible

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The benefits are endless for private cloud hosting

We understand that meeting ever-changing business demands is critical, which is why we design a platform you can use to quickly and easily scale cloud server resources to match the requirements of you and your customers.

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Better use of time

The time you spend managing cloud servers is time wasted. With our fully managed approach, you can leave the management of your solution to us and focus on what makes your business successful.

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Enhanced security

Protecting you and your customers from the threats presented by cyber attacks is a priority for us, which is why we aim to eliminate vulnerabilities with the latest Firewall technology and upstreams DDoS mitigation.

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Cutting-edge hardware

Here at Nexstor, we pride ourselves on only working with the very best hardware providers currently available. As a result, our cloud deployments provide the highest level of performance alongside reliability and scalability.

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Best of breed technologies

With managed private cloud hosting from Nexstor, you’ll benefit from VMware technology and dedicated hardware from industry-leading vendors that ensure: 

  • Reliability
  • High performance
  • Enhanced control 

With hosting from our UK data centres, we utilise VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V to facilitate the replication of virtual machines automatically in your private cloud, preventing data loss and ensuring availability during hardware failures. 

We understand that as business needs evolve performance and flexibility are vital. That’s why our solutions provide scalability that helps you meet the challenges you face as an organisation head-on.

Our managed private cloud hosting includes ongoing performance monitoring and essential security updates that offer you peace of mind and complete control over your solution. 

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Why work with Nexstor?


Expert advice

Our team of dedicated cloud experts is on hand to provide support when you need them most. A UK-based support desk allows all of our clients to access support and technical expertise with rapid response times by email or telephone 24x7 in the event of a system fault or failure of any kind.

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Affordable pricing

We only bill our customers for the resources hosted on our platform, so you can access hundreds of terabytes of cloud data every year without incurring any additional charges. Unlike public cloud providers, we do not charge for egress, which allows you to benefit from consistently low costs and high productivity.


Dedicated infrastructure

By using dedicated hardware you can be confident that your applications will be online at all times. You can also benefit from the enhanced capacity and flexibility you need to grow your businesses without wasting your finite time and resources on managing infrastructure.

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Quality & security built in

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Get started with a custom-built private cloud hosting solution

With our dedicated solutions, we’ll take care of server management, build an environment for your critical systems and protect you and your customer from the consequences of a cyber attack.