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Store critical business data in our highly available, secure alternative to global web-scalers.

Get transparent, and predictable costings to complement multiple buying models.

Store up to six copies of your data, across two UK locations  -  120 miles apart, for total peace of mind. 

Store up to six copies of your data, across two UK locations  -  120 miles apart, for total peace of mind. 

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Use Nexstor's cloud storage solution for:

  • Backup: a modern, flexible alternative to tape.
  • Data Archiving: keep your expensive Tier-1 storage systems free from clutter by migrating static data.
  • Cloud-Native applications: run s3-compatible apps in the cloud.

Endless benefits with cloud storage solutions

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Enable immutability

Using the S3 protocol object lock, we can lock down your data and protect it from ransomware. 

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Cost-effective backup

We only charge you for the data you back up, not the data you restore.

Remove the need for traditional backup infrastructure like De-Dupe Appliances and Tape Libraries, which are expensive to obtain and operate.

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Pay for what you use

Unlike on-premise SAN solutions, you don't have to buy a specific amount of storage and grow into it over time.

Our cloud storage solution operates a pay-as-you-use model: no need to invest huge sums for a predicted 5-year requirement.

Partnered with world-leading vendors

Cloud storage solution the best of breed technologies

Powered by Cloudian Hyperstore Software, accessed via S3 and built on enterprise-class HPE hardware, your data couldn't be in safer hands. All backed by our award-winning support services.

Our cloud storage solution is built around Cloudian’s Hyperstore scale-out software technology, we give users access to cloud storage via S3/NFS/CIFS.

Hosted across multiple HPE Apollo nodes, in two geo-separated data centres here in the UK, we offer an always-on, high-performance experience for a fraction of the cost of the public cloud providers.

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Why work with Nexstor?

Our Cloud-based S3 platform allows for up to 6 copies of your data to be stored across our two UK data centres.


Expert advice regarding cloud storage processes, making sure that your IT team is well-prepared to deliver the best results

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We do not charge for egress

Unlike public cloud providers, we do not charge for egress. Our customers have restored back hundreds of terabytes a year, something which could have cost them thousands of pounds a year in the public cloud.


Our charging model is simple and transparent, we only bill for the terabytes of data we host within our cloud platform.


Support is our strength. With our UK-based, 24x7 support desk, our clients can access our support in three ways:

  24x7 UK Based Telephone Support

  Web-ticketing system


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Quality & security built in

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Predictable cloud storage powered by Cloudian


The speed at which we can provide partners and staff access to lost information is tremendous in comparison with traditional backup and restore systems.

Overall, the transition to a cloud-based business has been extremely successful for the business, and we are now well-equipped to handle future challenges and growth.

The impact of the Nexstor solution has been extremely positive,” “Not only does a hybrid approach provide immediate access to our data onsite, but the Cloud copy has significantly increased their retention period.