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Built on VMWARE vCloud and HPE Hardware, Nexstor.Cloud is designed to support a wide variety of use-cases including IaaS, DaaS, BaaS and DRaaS.

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A secure, highly available, private cloud infrastructure, built to deliver the flexibility of the cloud, with on-prem economics & features.

Nexstor Cloud


Use our Nexstor.Cloud service to deliver secure, easily-accessible desktop environments so your workforce can #WorkFromAnywhere.

Flexability With Predictable Cost

Nexstor Cloud gives you all the flexibility, security and power of the cloud, combined with the cost predictability of a traditional IT estate.

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Migrating to Nexstor Cloud

We believe that migrating away from your existing, on-premise IT function should not be a backward step in terms of security, availability and costs; choosing a private cloud provider over one of the big three public cloud vendors, enables you to continue working with your current business process. We understand that every business has unique requirements, one size does not fit all, and the private approach allows Nexstor to exceed our client's expectations.


Nexstor Cloud Features and Benefits

Key Features

  • Dedicated Firewall
  • Easy cloud2cloud replication
  • Always on the latest VMWARE Code
  • Built on the latest HPE Enterprise Hardware
  • Reservations – Protection from unexpected bills
  • Dedicated express routes with no usage limitations
  • No IOP Limits regardless of disk size (unlike Azure)
  • Role-based access control – Can be LDAP integrated
  • BYO MS Licensing – Leverage your existing discounts levels
  • Active Zone resilient all flash storage plus Geo resilient storage available
  • Familiarity - Using VMWARE vCloud with no additional, clumsy orchestration layer, you will feel right at home from day one.
  • 100Mb Standard internet break out with no usage limitations – Can be uplift to 1Gbit++ (Unlike Azure)

Our Data Centres

  • Purpose-built data centre building
  • Building/site owned freehold. Debt-free technical build
  • Multi 10Gbs fibre ring for Managed internet access and MPLS circuits
  • Secure 3.25-acre site with 130+ onsite parking spaces and gated access
  • Design and project management of all key services performed in-house
  • N600+ Rack capacity (making this one of the largest facilities of its type in the area)
  • N+N: HV power feeds, Transformers, Generators, UPS cooling, Alarms etc.
  • Managed Transit or a selection of fibre providers either within the facility or nearby (i.e. Vtesse, BT, KCOM, Verizon, Easynet, Geo, Virgin Media, C&W/Thus)
Ashvin Patel

Ashvin Patel

Infrastructure Manager

“The speed at which we can provide partners and staff access to lost information is tremendous in comparison with traditional backup and restore systems”


Ian Davison

Business Information Services Director

"The use of Veeam Backup & Replication has provided a great way to archive virtual machine images and bring particular application sets online within minutes"

The Architecture

Nexstor.cloud is powered by software from the leading virtualisation vendor in the market – VMware. Thousands of businesses around the world trust VMware vSphere with their business-critical applications – and we do to. Nexstor.cloud utilises the full range of VMware products to deliver a rock-solid service to our customers, including vSphere, NSX and Operations Manager.

Our customers access the service through a dedicated portal which presents a familiar VMware-type interface – and unlike some other vendors allows you to directly access a virtual machines console as if you were sat in front of it.

Every component of nexstor.cloud – from power delivery to network connectivity is resilient and designed specifically for high availability. Our cloud platform uses industry best practises to ensure your virtual machines are always available.

Unlike some other vendors our standard tier of availability ensures we have two copies of your data synchronously replicated between our all-flash storage tiers. By utilising the high-availability features of vSphere (such as HA and DRS) Nexstor.cd ensures the maximum uptime for your data – even during maintenance windows.

For an additional cost your data can be further replicated to a secondary data centre which mirrors the architecture of the primary.

Nexstor Cloud Architecture

Security Features:

  • RBAC (Role Based Access Control)
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Deep-packet inspection for intrusion detection and more
  • Detailed firewall and log events
  • Encryption at-rest
  • Storage-based encryption

Best of Breed Technologies

With over 20 years of both on-premise and managed services experience, Nexstor deploys its cloud platform via leading edge technologies from industry leading hardware and software vendors, giving us very predictable outcome in terms of deliverables back to our client base.

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