Uncover your ideal IT configuration
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Get a detailed and secure assessment of your entire IT environment from edge-to-cloud – with a free HPE CloudPhysics audit which identifies:

  • Cost reduction insights (vendor-agnostic)
  • Optimisation opportunities
  • Resource utilisation

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Planning without full visibility across your environment is guesswork

There are an overwhelming number of IT options available nowadays. And the truth is manual analysis is no longer comprehensive enough. To rely on ad hoc spreadsheets, heuristics and so on – often makes procurement a long-winded, tedious and wasteful exercise.

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Gain full environment transparency so you can properly optimise your IT

Get a consolidated view of how your IT is performing. Receive data-driven insights in 3-4 weeks with a HPE CloudPhysics audit.

  • Reveal workload inefficiencies & optimisation opportunities
  • Identify where your IT environment might not be meeting your existing needs
  • Simulate right-sized migrations for any proposed workload configurations before you make investments
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The 3-step audit process

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30-min call with an expert

First, we chat through your current IT infrastructure, including any challenges and goals you have. If you wish to proceed, we'll deploy CloudPhysics to your environment remotely.

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CloudPhysics deployment

Once CloudPhysics is set up, we let the software run anywhere from 3-4 weeks depending on your IT. However, for more comprehensive analysis we recommend 30 days.

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Reports & recommendations

After the pre-agreed analysis period has elapsed, we run you through the report findings and offer recommendations. We also send you an executive technical summary with any custom reports you like.

Simplify how you plan & procure IT

Gain full visibility across your IT environment. Plan your optimal hybrid cloud and migration strategy. And ensure your workloads live on the most cost-effective infrastructures possible.

**Important: To be eligible for an audit, your IT must be running VMware – as HPE CloudPhysics needs to connect to your VMware vSphere® server to collect the metadata required to produce analytics**