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    Arctic Wolf

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    The Challenge

    Nexstor observed changes in demand from customers shifting from deploying applications and managing information in on-premises servers to implementing a more agile way to access applications and information without legacy constraints or boundaries, which could be realised by migrating to the cloud. Due to this shift, Nexstor has seen cloud revenues expand ten-fold in the last three years and continues to grow at a rapid rate, producing hundreds of customer workloads and petabytes of data. As Nexstor’s cloud services capability expanded, so too did the need to ensure the security of its own systems and information, as well as that of its customers.


    The Nexstor team went out to the market to find a cybersecurity solution provider that could offer them the peace of mind they needed. “We did a lot of research, and it became apparent Arctic Wolf was the only provider able to do what we needed.” – Tom Lee, Technical Director at Nexstor.


    “Arctic Wolf is hands down the best solution on the market for companies who are big enough to be attacked by ransomware, but not big enough to protect themselves,” said Rob Townsend, Founder and Director of Nexstor. “It offers complete security, fantastic support and is at least five-times less expensive than other providers offering a managed SIEM service or tools focused on using AI alone.” “Our partnership has not only helped us ensure our own infrastructure is water-tight, and made it significantly faster and cheaper to spot and resolve issues, but has become a whole new revenue stream for our business,” continued Townsend.
    Take a look at the full case study here.
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