ATS work with NexStor to develop high capacity global storage solution for Derby based global aero engine manufacturer

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    NexStor, the UK’s leading Data Systems integrators, developed a high capacity global storage solution for Applied Tech Systems (ATS) before utilising all space on their existing server. The new system is able to handle five years of forecast growth without expansion whilst being able to upgrade further with minimal impact. NexStor approaches data challenges by identifying areas within an organisation which will benefit from the use of proven Data Storage and Data Management solutions and techniques.

    ATS was experiencing a loss of production due to data growth consuming all storage space available. Archiving was also an issue for ATS because the business produces lots of data as it is used to develop new components. In addition, ATS need to keep the data available for three years in order to undertake trend analysis.

    ATS needed NexStor to provide space for seven days of data retention but was severely limited by physical space. Rack capacity in the server room was available for two EMC CLARRiiONs but with only 10U of space available in the backup room NexStor had to provide a solution which would fit at least eight TB into this space. NexStor’s solution involved using two EMC CLARiiON CX4-120s and a Quantum Dxi De-Dupe VTL. The Quantum DXi deduplication feature was optimised immediately and the CLARiiONs stopped the need for unnecessary archiving which resulted in no loss of production.

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