Barracuda vs Commvault

barracuda vs commvault
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    In the age of digital business, neglecting a quality disaster recovery solution is not an option. You know that, that is why you are here! But, what is the best software management tool for the job?

    The truth is that there is a lot more than software and hardware to a properly functioning disaster recovery and business continuity plan. You need to think about process, acceptable downtime, failover and failback. Managed IT specialists can help you build a solution fit for purpose. But, no matter how you reach that endpoint, software management tools will be a central feature.

    Barracuda and Commvault are two of the biggest players in the DR, software management world. Commvault is an old hand while Barracuda is something of an upstart. But, both deliver unique selling points that are worth understanding. No matter if you are just getting started or committed to one of these two products, this is a head-to-head worth understanding.

    Here, we are going to break down some of the trends in modern disaster recovery and give you insight as to whether Commvault or Barracuda is right for your business.

    Barracuda: Physical and Virtual Recovery

    Barracuda might be new to the data backup and restore market, but the company was founded over 15 years ago, and they are already making waves in this new area. They’ve grown a lot since entering the market and are continuing on a significant growth trajectory.

    They have 150,000 global customers who have used their different products, ranging from small and medium businesses to Fortune 1000 organisations. Their customers include Microsoft, Oracle, Harvard University and many others from different industries and sectors. Working with their channel partners, they offer cloud-based security and data protection to their customers around the world.

    Barracuda’s products consist of backup and cloud-to-cloud backup, with solutions including a choice of deployment options and technologies to meet their customers’ needs. The backup, recovery and management from Barracuda include features such as encrypted appliances, cloud-to-cloud backup, data recovery and centralised management.

    There are many configurations to choose from with their products, offering flexibility to businesses of all sizes. They also offer software that is easy to install and set up for simplicity.

    Barracuda offers backup replication to other appliances or to the cloud. The software is a complete solution and Barracuda can protect your data no matter where it resides. Barracuda LiveBoot makes recovery for on-premises VMware environments fast and easy. Cloud LiveBoot makes testing and file-based recovery possible by booting VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines in the Barracuda Cloud.

    Barracuda has both physical and virtual options to give organisations the flexible options that they need. You can choose what works best for your environment.

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    Commvault: Complete Data Solution

    Commvault is an established provider of backup and recovery solutions. The vendor’s large and loyal client base makes them a good choice for anyone looking for a truly tried and tested provider. Though they are chosen by many large organisations, smaller businesses can also find that their offering is an option for them.

    Commvault was founded over 20 years ago, in 1996, and has had time to build its reputation and improve its products during that time. They have a partner network that includes AWS, Cisco and Microsoft.

    Commvault’s Complete Backup and Recovery offers backup for on-premises data, as well as in other environments, such as the cloud. Features of their protection services include multi-cloud backup, applications and databases, virtual machines, endpoints and disaster recovery.

    Commvault aims to offer a complete solution that covers all data protection needs, including artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to optimise performance. As well as offering software, Commvault has appliances available, which can help you to meet your hardware needs to create a complete data recovery solution.

    Commvault offers full support for all file systems, applications and virtual platforms. The software can integrate with a large number of hardware providers and can replicate copies of live data in secondary locations.

    Commvault also places a significant emphasis on saving money. They even have a calculator to help you to find out how much you could save by using their complete solution, so if you’re on a budget, this may be the solution for you.

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    Barracuda vs Commvault: The Details Matter

    Although Commvault has been in the industry for longer, their Complete backup and recovery as a service product is much newer, having only recently been launched. If you are comparing their complete solution to Barracuda’s products, both companies have been established for similar amounts of time and are offering newer services.

    One advantage of Commvault backup software is that their trusted partner network extends their data management experience. Their technology alliance partners align different data environment demands and their channel partners design and deliver data protection implementations. Service provider partners for Commvault host data protection as a service. Commvault makes it possible to fully integrate with key technologies, with key alliances ranging from NetApp to Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Amazon Web Services.

    Both Commvault and Barracuda can help you with your on-premises data protection. Barracuda offers a complete backup strategy that protects your data no matter which type of environment it resides in, including on-premises. The purpose-built backup physical appliance offered by Barracuda helps to provide a full solution, and encrypted backup is also available with their physical appliances.

    In addition to the Complete Backup and Recovery option, Commvault also has their HyperScale service, which offers on-premises scale-out backup and recovery. This is designed to offer flexibility, scale and cost that is similar to a cloud service.

    Commvault makes it easier for you to see how much their solutions can deliver in terms of monetary value. While any complete solution for backup and recovery could be pricey, you can calculate your potential savings on the Commvault website to make it easier to understand. Barracuda is regarded as having flexible pricing options and contracting, and could, in fact, be a more affordable option. Careful price comparison is an important way to work out which solution could be right for you.

    Commvault vs Barracuda: Picking the Right Solution For You

    Both Barracuda and Commvault can provide you with complete solutions that cater for all of your backup and disaster recovery needs. With two flexible options available, choosing between them can be tough. They could both be good options for your organisation if you want a DR solution that is easy to manage and gives you a range of features.

    Commvault offers an extensive range of features and makes it easy to manage all of your requirements. Both Barracuda and Commvault could be excellent options, but every software product has limitations or simply might not be suitable for your requirements.

    When you’re trying to make the right choice, be sure to get in touch with professionals who can help you to finalise your decision. Specialists can help you to choose the best software for your needs and pair it with hardware that will allow you to put together a complete DR plan. A total business continuity solution is necessary to really protect your data, and having access to specialist knowledge and experience should help you to get everything into place. Get the specialist help that you need to create your essential disaster recovery solution.

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