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    With the current increasing complexity of Information Technology, as well as the transformation of every business into a technology business, the need to access high-quality IT has never been higher.

    Managed Service Providers supply that infrastructure for businesses that need help focusing on what they do best. The days of break-fix models and just providing managed print services are over — if you want them to be.

    For businesses that need the support, the biggest trend impacting IT is “everything-as-a-service”. This is what MSPs do best, they provide day to day technical support on your IT. But how do you tell if the MSP you are talking to is the right one for you?

    The answer? By looking ahead to 2023 and seeing the trends forming in the service industry.

    What is rising in popularity? What is the next landscape shift? What is the most important thing developing in IT? The perfect MSP will know the answers to these questions, so it is important you do too.

    Here are just a few of the most important trends that you’ll see in 2023.


    Cloud Services

    Cloud computing is perhaps the largest trend that we will see over the next year, and indeed the next decade. It’s not “new”, but it has certainly come into its own — and now dominated almost every element of IT operations.

    The ability to set up IT services and IT infrastructure, whilst not having it physically located on the premises, have obvious and important benefits. Lower costs, greater efficiency, as well as the cloud allowing for flexibility and more importantly scalability, are just a few.

    Cloud Services are an increasingly important part of the modern IT landscape, so having an MSP to manage the infrastructure is indispensable. Services including Managed Security, Disaster Recovery and Infrastructure Maintenance make an MSP run Cloud Service a key selling point.

    Any MSP worth considering should have a strong Cloud Service package.



    Over the past decade, we have seen the introduction of Office 365, Google Docs and Adobe Creative Cloud. Software-as-a-service has exploded as one of the most convenient and cost-effective methods of accessing the tools you need, when you need them. These big cloud service providers have leveraged these products to offer technical support and increase service offerings.

    Becoming a service provider has ensured that these businesses control the service level agreement, which in the case of Office 365, includes a provision for ‘Unlimited Archiving’ and protection from power and software outages.

    Side note, however, cloud storage and SaaS may help with disaster recovery, but it does not provide protection from cyber-attacks, from which you would need an alternative provision.

    Whilst some Office products such as Word or Excel are vital to most businesses, the whole suite of products is most likely excess that will not be used. A smarter package, tailored to the business is more important. MSPs can offer customised SaaS packages tailored to the specific needs of the business. This would mean you only pay for what you need. MSPs can offer services and solutions for all your complex and unique IT needs.

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    The Internet of Things (IoT)

    Gartner claims 5.8 billion Enterprise and Automotive IoT Endpoints Will Be in Use in 2023.

    From your mobile device to electric thermostats to Bluetooth dog collars, each of these endpoints gather user data into large data sets, also known as Big Data.

    The Internet of Things can then be used by businesses to observe trends within their customer base.

    The Internet of Things has the potential to change the way business gathers and stores data. But no business can use it without finding some way of managing the volume of real-time data. Storing, integrating and synchronizing the volume of data is key to its use, and is where MSPs can come in.

    MSPs can lend the expertise, equipment and time to extrapolate relevant information from the volume of data in the IoT and provide this to companies for their use.

    As the world becomes more connected, and more data points are created, MSPs are there to provide the services needed to exploit this new realm of data creation.


    Big Data

    Big Data is set to continue onwards through 2023 and into the future as a driving trend dominating how decisions are made and choices analysed.
    Big data involves computationally analysing massive data sets in order to reveal trends. Combined with Machine Learning and experimental AI, Big Data opens vast avenues for businesses to gather new information on their customers.

    No single business can leverage the mass of data they have. So MSPs are on hand to help. Providing the infrastructure for businesses is vital for MSPs and indeed other IT businesses to exploit last year’s hottest trend.

    An MSP can be there to lend their expertise and equipment to sort through the data, whilst you concentrate on what the results mean for your business.


    AI and ML

    Most businesses already use some form of Artificial Intelligence, even if you never think about it. When a printer tells you it’s out of paper, or Facebook matches your face to another in a picture, that is machine learning and artificial intelligence.

    Increased network efficiency, rationalising Big Data, Cloud Services, almost every trend for 2023 are contributing to the automation of business IT services.

    The coming trend for 2023, and indeed the whole of the decade, is going to be the interaction between machines and humans, and it is here that MSPs stand to increase their usefulness. They provide services and products that allow humans and AI to work together as a team for maximum efficiency. The communication between the two should be the corner of any MSPs AI strategy.

    AI is set to become the next productivity revolution. Any business that wants to stay modern should be paying attention to this. Your choice of MSP should also reflect this.

    The next year looks to be an exciting time, and MSPs are in a perfect position now to help businesses both big and small exploit all the advances and trends coming over the next few months.


    Growth for the future

    The final and most important trend we will see throughout 2023 is the Managed Services sector growing throughout the year.

    As technology and information become more complex, Managed Service Providers are on hand to help businesses use the new innovations, exploit new trends and increase customer spending throughout the industry.

    There has never been a better time to be in business, and there has never been a better time to work with an MSP.

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