6 benefits of Office 365 cloud backup

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    When you have mountains of data to protect and backup, using various software solutions can get confusing. Getting the right solution for your data protection and backup needs is vital, so how can you find the right fit for your business? 

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    In this article, we’ll break down 6 benefits of using Microsoft Office 365 Backup, including its easy restore options, reliability, and data protection capabilities. 

    1. A comprehensive backup solution

    Microsoft Office 365 allows your business to operate wherever you are, whenever you need, and all without the hassle of hosting your own email and content management infrastructure. On top of that, you retain authority over your business data despite Microsoft being the host. You get to protect your data but it also means that the responsibility is on you to safeguard it. That’s where the right backup solution comes in — it will support you in protecting, backing up and restoring your all-important data. An inclusive cloud backup will make it simple to build the specific solution you require. Microsoft systems can all be operated and synced together to provide your business with a multi-functional tool that benefits efficiency and performance. It’s key, though, to ensure that all of your data is securely backed up as well as readily available.

    2. Data protection with control

    The right solution can ensure your data is protected — a step that is vital for every business to take. However, the right data protection solution will also keep your content accessible. This guarantees that you don’t lose control over your data and don’t waste time freeing what you need immediate access to. 

    What cloud backup process ensures:

    • A safe place to store business data with protection from hackers.
    • Assurance for your clients — you’ll guarantee that their data, and your reputation, is safe.
    • Protection from human error — using the right backup tool will eliminate the risk of errors, like accidental deletion. 

    3. Backup with ease

    It’s important for you to find the solution that has flexibility of backup location whether that’s on-premises or in the cloud. A good quality backup tool will tailor to your business needs to ensure that you can get data back efficiently without too much downtime. An alternative is the hybrid cloud, which allows you to back up your data between on-premises and the cloud, providing the benefits of both locations. For example, keeping your current data on-premises means you can easily and quickly access it if your operations go down, while any other less urgent data — such as archives — can be stored on the cloud (and this storage can later be scaled as needed). 

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    Options that promote ease:

    • You set the frequency and timing of your backups.
    • Store your backups in the location of your choice — this can include a hyperscale public cloud, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or a local service provider. 
    • You have easy access to a copy of your data — advanced search capabilities allow you to efficiently find content, such as emails.
    • You possess flexible recovery and easy export options — this is just as simple as using traditional on-premises data backup but with the flexibility to use anytime and anywhere. 

    4. Reliably and flexibly restore

    Few of us have been spared the awful panic of deleting or losing an important file you can never get back. Unfortunately, that fear has sturdy foundations, especially for businesses, with 60% of companies shutting down within 6 months after losing their data. That’s why it’s so important to know that your business data is protected and can be easily restored if disaster strikes.  In the event of a hack, internal user error or lost data, with the right backup solution you can easily restore your data and get operations back up and working again. In that moment, straightforward and easy-to-use recovery capabilities across all Office 365 products is never overrated. 

    How cloud backup achieves safe Office 365 data restoration:

    • It has a connection to all Microsoft programs — Office 365 cloud backup will retrieve all data from Office Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams.
    • It has consistent backup and restore options — you can uniquely back up Microsoft data weekly, daily, or as often as every 5 minutes. It’s your own choice, tailored to what your specific business needs are. 

    5. No need to worry about legal and compliance requirements

    There are some cases where you’ll need to unexpectedly retrieve content, like emails or files, for legal action. It’s easy to think it won’t happen to you and then not prepare for it — but if it does, you’re in trouble. Can your business afford to take that risk?  The best thing is always to be prepared ahead of time. Microsoft has incorporated a few safety nets into its programs to help with that. But these aren’t strong enough to ensure that your business can get through any legal issues.  An example of this is that if you unintentionally delete a user, you will delete their mailbox and storage accounts with it. The legal consequences of that can include fines or legal disputes, which you either don’t have time for or can’t afford. That’s where cloud backup comes in, which makes sure that you can avoid accidentally deleting client data and any legal ramifications with it. 

    6. Save money and time

    A lot of the time, people think that Microsoft does all of the work when it comes to backing up your data. But you don’t own or have access to the copies that the Microsoft teams make of your content. It’s your job to create a backup and recovery strategy by making copies of that data and storing them in a different location. If you fail to do so, you’re at risk of misplacing important files and losing out, like the 70% of other business people who do.  The solution is investing in a backup solution that’s tailored to your business needs and that allows you to relax about all things data related. Seems like an expensive and time-consuming project? Thanks to an all-inclusive and contemporary backup solution, like NexProtect, that doesn’t have to be the case. Or if you’re still unsure, get in touch with IT specialists — like Nexstor — so you can find the right backup and recovery solution for your business. 

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