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    With so much of your information stored in the virtual world, it’s important for you to protect it. This is where Veeam Availability Suite v10 can help. One of the top backup solutions on the market, Veeam Availability Suite v10 provides easy data management and recovery, providing you with the peace of mind that you deserve. While Veeam has been one of the top options in the world of cloud disaster recovery for some time, Veeam Availability Suite v10 provides several new features that everyone should note.

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    1. Immutable backup

    Your business faces several challenges when it comes to IT and data management. While public clouds are growing rapidly, it’s important for you to make sure that you protect your data, migrating and managing it appropriately between your on-premises hardware and cloud data centres. Cyber attacks are becoming more advanced, so it’s essential that data in the cloud can provide the safeguards against ransomware that tape recovery does. This is where Veeam Software and immutable backup comes in. Any changes to the data are made through a copy, leaving the original untouched which protects your data against application bugs, ransomware, in-house errors, and employee sabotage. With Suite v10, you can protect everything from the cloud to the virtual world and even the physical premises. All of this is part of your data centre — and with Veeam backup replication, you can protect all of it. This includes:
    • Physical — Veeam can protect Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Unix.
    • Cloud — Veeam can backup data and applications into or from the cloud.
    • Virtual — Whether you use Nutanix AHV, VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V, all of it can be protected.
    Using Veeam Availability Suite v10, you can simultaneously modernise and simplify the protection of unstructured file data as well as file servers with powerful new capabilities. Some of the examples include:
    • Faster incremental backups on hardware to provide scalable protection.
    • The option to store your unstructured NAS (network-attached storage) data with cheaper storage via the cloud.

    2. Faster recovery

    In the event that disaster does strike, you want to be able to restore your data quickly. Thanks to the Veeam community, all of your data is protected. This means that you can restore your data with unparalleled NAS backup features. Some of the important points to note include:
    • You can recover your data faster than ever thanks to the Instant VM Recovery engine.
    • Your recovery time objectives (RTO) are met via numerous restore options that have been tailored to meet your unique needs.
    • These customer solutions provide disaster recovery services and business continuity.
    The Veeam Availability Suite v10 includes numerous disaster scenario, such as:
    • Entire share recoveries in the event of total hardware loss.
    • Countless NAS migration scenarios.
    • Individual recoveries involving specified files.
    • Point-in-time share-state rollback following ransomware attacks.
    • Global searches for operational restoration.
    Furthermore, the VM Recovery engine has been taken to new heights. There is the ability to instantly restore anything to VMWare including physical servers, virtual machines, or cloud data. You can also instantly restore individual disks, reducing your instant recovery footprint when necessary. There is also the capability to leverage workload-aware RAM to speed recovery times. With Multi-VM Instant Recovery, you can restore multiple VMs at once. All of this is provided by the powerful Veeam NAS backup engine, allowing users to pick up right where they left off. This provides users with an unprecedented level of both flexibility and reliability.  

    3. Smarter use of your data

    Data portability and extensibility via platforms make it easier for you to leverage your backups by reusing your data. Veeam Availability Suite v10 connects your data management ecosystem, enabling third-party applications and scripts, which allows your remote workers to access this data from anywhere with the right credentials. Some of the novel capabilities are:
    • Instant access to Veeam content by mounting data to the specified server via PowerShell.
    • Data mining of production systems without harming the efficiency of the system.
    • The ability to collaborate remotely via start chat while also providing flexibility in browser settings.
    All of these capabilities change the way that you will use your data, making it more efficient than ever before. With work being spread out across a larger geographic area than ever before, everyone has to have the ability to access data remotely — and at the same time, your data also has to be protected.

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    4. Improved data protection

    It’s vital for you to protect your backups against malware, hackers, and malicious insiders. Ransomware and jackware attacks are now becoming routine, placing your data at risk of being stolen and sold on the open market, damaging the reputation of your business while also harming your customers. Fortunately, the Veeam Availability Suite v10 provides you with next-level protection against numerous cyberattacks. The Veeam Availability Suite provides you with improved data protection with their copy policy. This means that your data is automatically duplicated to object storage as soon as it is created. This ensures that you are ready for any disaster. You will seamlessly comply with the 3-2-1 modernising backup rule while also protecting your recent backup copies. Furthermore, the Veeam Availability Suite v10 will also perform continuous security monitoring, looking at all backups for signs of hidden malware. If this malware is found, the file will be deleted before it corrupts anything else. You will even have the ability to leverage advanced storage features such as S3 Object Lock, which will allow you to create immutable backup copies in other areas, protecting you from harm.

    5. Better storage integrations

    The Veeam Universal License provides better storage integrations. While many of these backups are going to be performed automatically, it’s still recommended that you take the time to conduct real backups of your virtual machines periodically to separate storage (during scheduled downtime) to make sure that you are following the 3-2-1 rule. With these new capabilities from Veeam, you can perform Oracle transaction log backups and Microsoft SQL Server backups with snapshot backup jobs. This will make it easier for you to integrate your storage. You can also access your storage snapshots via the Veeam Universal License. Furthermore, you’ll have the ability to include or exclude volumes to or from the rescan process based on volume wildcard. You can specify the mount server you want to be used by Veeam Explorer for your storage snapshots. This provides the user with added control. In addition, Veeam has added new support options for various types of storage, such as:
    • HPE Primera Support.
    • NetApp ONTAP 9.7 Support.
    • NetApp SVM Support.
    Finally, all of your primary storage integrations now support deployments via the NAS datastores as long as they have been registered via DNS names.  

    Novel Features from Veeam Availability Suite v10

    The Veeam Availability Suite v10 has the ability to make your business safer and more efficient at the same time. By simplifying and streamlining numerous business tasks, you will save time and money while also protecting both business and customer information.

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