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    Adopting an effective data backup and recovery strategy is vital to restoring access to critical business information following a data loss. The strategy provides peace of mind for companies of varying sizes, especially when team members themselves can easily and quickly regain access to files regardless of the reasons behind data loss. As a result, the recovery plan helps minimise disruptions to day-to-day operations.

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    Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions like Veeam and Dell EMC NetWorker enhance your organisation’s resilience when faced with a disaster. You can count on the software to help your firm rebuild networks following cyberattacks or other unexpected events. Choosing the right disaster recovery and backup software ensures that your team backup copies of critical business data regularly. Let’s take a look at how two big players in the DRaaS and backup market — Veeam and Dell EMC Networker — compare when it comes to recovering your data.

    Veeam: A premium data backup and replication solution

    Founded in 2016, Veeam is one of the leading suppliers of enterprise backup and disaster recovery software. The company offers a suite of DRaaS products designed to provide a comprehensive solution to suit specific business needs. It helps companies ensure continuous data availability to teams. It’s no surprise that Veeam has grown at a phenomenal pace. The vendor utilises advanced technologies to maximise the security, flexibility, and reliability of its backup solutions. Close to 400,000 clients from different parts of the world rely on its backup and recovery software to ensure business continuity.

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    Veeam Availability Suite

    Veeam Availability Suite adds monitoring and analytics components to data protection. Many organisations around the world take advantage of Veeam’s Availability Suite to implement backups and glean valuable insights from the data. This capability brings a touch of convenience for businesses looking to maximise data usage and protection. Veeam Backup & Replication solves many challenges faced by small and large businesses. The solution enhances data protection measures at affordable prices. Companies can combine the product with Veeam One, which brings an analytics and monitoring dimension to the service. By opting for the Veeam Availability Suite, you leverage tools powered by artificial intelligence. Some of the features of the products include:
        • Data management
        • Cloud portability
        • Intelligent automation
        • AI-powered diagnostics and monitoring capabilities
    The bundled software products offer granular backup and recovery solutions that enable users to enjoy maximum flexibility. Gleaning strategic insights from specific configurations becomes easier without compromising data protection. The best part about the Veeam software is maintaining control of your sensitive data, including the recovery processes. Additionally, Veeam simplifies cloud-based backups and disaster recovery processes to maximise benefits for your company. You will enjoy considerable cost savings and convenience associated with cloud portability. More importantly, your business finds it easier to meet data protection compliance requirements. On another level, data copies remain highly secured and recoverable. This benefit applies to backups from virtual testing. Key features offered by the Veeam software include:
        • Tools for planning storage capacity
        • Cost and usage information for DRaaS
        • Suspicious network activity alerts
        • Automated remediation of common malfunction
        • Real-time monitoring and reporting

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    Dell EMC NetWorker: Enterprise-level user experience

    Dell Technologies is a global brand that offers a wide variety of technological solutions. It contributes immensely to the transformation of the digital landscape. The firm works tirelessly to drive human progress through superior digital solutions. Most people associate Dell with its wide selection of computers and other hardware products. As a prominent player in computer technology, it is befitting for the company to offer enterprise-grade backup and recovery solutions.

    EMC NetWorker software

    With this software, companies gain access to a unified DRaaS solution capable of handling data from enterprise apps and databases. It offers various data protection capabilities, including replication, deduplication, snapshots, NAS, and disk or tape backups. NetWorker provides robust protection for physical and cloud-based environments. Companies can take advantage of the protection when it comes to Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware. Dell EMC NetWorker is an enterprise-grade data protection solution capable of securing critical business data regardless of storage space. It comes with optimisations to cover multiple environments. Users gain access to the software either as part of the Dell EMC Data Protection Suite or the virtual edition. The former offers a comprehensive selection of data protection options. Some of the key features of Dell EMC NetWorker data protection software include:
        • End-to-end data protection management with snapshot capability
        • Quick deduplication functionality using either DDBOOST or a VTL
        • Disk or tape backups
        • Excellent reporting capability when integrated with DPA (Data Protection Advisor)

    Veeam vs. Dell EMC NetWorker

    Veeam offers software with an easy to use interface and comes with a comprehensive selection of options to choose from. You can take advantage of various types of backups and make efficient usage of storage space. Meanwhile, the recovery process is simple and convenient, including VMware recoveries. Recovery options for files include the ability to save to a new location. Dell EMC NetWorker, on the other hand, is ideal for deployment as a front-end for hardware. This aspect differentiates the two products. Although NetWorker handles deduplication processes faster, Veeam provides a way to connect to data domains natively. You can count on NetWorker to perform well when it comes to brick-level backups of Exchange mailboxes. Additionally, the software offers quality, custom reporting capability.

    The verdict: which comes out on top?

    The ideal choice of data recovery tool satisfies specific business needs. When comparing Veeam and Dell EMC NetWorker, it’s difficult to separate the offerings. Each comes with a set of strengths that make the software ideal for some data recovery use cases. Opt for NetWorker when looking for a solution capable of handling deduplication faster using either DDBOOST or a VTL. Veeam runs this process natively and offers multiple DR editions from which to choose. In the end, there is no perfect solution on the market. It’s important for businesses to take a look at all of the options available and tailor their decision to meet their individual needs. Businesses should consider several factors when looking for a disaster recovery and cyber-security solution, such as:
        • How large the business is
        • How well the software solution is going to meet their daily business operations
        • What are current data infrastructure looks like
        • How much storage space they require
    Even though it is possible for businesses to find the right cloud disaster recovery software solution on their own, this is probably going to take a long time and businesses could end up paying a premium. There are specialists — like Nexstor — available to help companies make the right decision based on their specific needs.

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