Veritas NetBackup vs Barracuda

veritas netbackup vs barracuda
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    We live in a data-rich world, and there’s no escaping it. So, we need to learn the best ways to protect and keep hold of that essential data.

    Businesses must have backup and recovery services in place — it’s no longer optional. If you have a system failure or experience a data breach, are you certain you’ll be able to retrieve all of your data? If the answer isn’t a resounding ‘yes’, then you need to invest in backup and recovery services for your business.

    What should a business be looking for in a backup and recovery software service? Speed, cost, ease-of-use — there are so many variables to consider.

    Different kinds of services can offer varying products, and depending on your business’ size and needs, you need to find the right product for you.

    This is where we come in! This article will compare two massive backup and recovery services on the market — Veritas Backup and Barracuda — to help you decide the best product for you.

    Veritas Backup: A Jack of All Trades

    Veritas is known for a lot of things. Operating systems, hardware and storage-related technologies are just a few of the services and products that have helped the company gain such a strong reputation over recent years. This is a firm that many companies reach out to in order to be empowered about all things tech to help improve growth and IT development. In fact, around 97% of the Fortune 100 companies now rely on Veritas.

    No matter what kind of IT problems your company may be suffering from, Veritas will certainly be able to help you out thanks to their vast array of products and services. Multi-cloud data management and software-defined storage are just two of their focuses, although a lot of firms reach out to them for their expert handling of backup and recovery.

    When it comes to backup and recovery, there are a lot of services that the team can offer businesses that are struggling with IT and data disasters. They offer automated computer and laptop backup and recovery, so you can continue to go about your daily basis with peace of mind knowing that your files and data are safe and secure.

    One of the firm’s main talking points is their NetBackup service. It offers a web-based interface for users that helps to automate and optimise workflows and makes it even simpler to track audits. It can also provide you with precise snapshots of cloud workflows in Google, Microsoft and AWS. The security this service provides is exceptional. Thanks to its petabyte scale, it can protect hundreds of data nodes. Its agentless architecture also provides extremely fast backup and recovery.

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    Barracuda: A Security King

    Barracuda is another leading name for company tech and data security. The company was originally launched to provide businesses and startups with some very effective email security that didn’t end up draining their whole budget. It became a very cost-effective solution for smaller companies and, eventually, Barracuda was able to expand into other aspects of IT security. Since their very early days, the firm has now created around a million cloud-enabled products that still prove to be very effective tools for companies of all sizes.

    Barracuda are a company that are continually going from strength to strength by bringing lots of new security products to the market. This is just one of the reasons why they have been able to disrupt the market so much and catch everyone’s attention.

    But what about their disaster recovery exactly? It’s known as Barracuda Backup and is especially popular with the public sector due to its regular use of such highly sensitive data. It protects data and files in all kinds of environments, whether virtual, physical or the cloud. When using it in the cloud, it is a completely integrated solution.

    As well as keeping all sensitive data and files very safe and secure, Barracuda Backup can also help you reduce various operation costs and labour. That’s largely because its target-based deduplication, compression and inline source will help you to save a lot of money.

    It’s also a form of automatic data backup as well, so none of your team will have to spend time doing anything manually. Should disaster ever strike, you will always be able to access your data.

    Image-based and bare-metal restores can also be utilised in the event of any data breaches. The Barracuda mission-critical servers are also backed up every 15 minutes to reduce the risk of damage even further.

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    Veritas NetBackup vs Barracuda

    Now comes the most important question — should you trust Barracuda Backup or Veritas NetBackup with your important files and data? I’m sure that every other entrepreneur and IT expert will have their own views on this matter, but here are some of the pros and cons that we think should colour your decision.

    One of the main differences between these two platforms is the range of answers that they can provide when it comes to backup and disaster recovery. If you want to have a lot of easily accessible answers to a range of problems at your fingertips, then Veritas NetBackup will be able to provide you with just that. In fact, its extensive array of products and services create so many solutions to many different backup and recovery issues and problems — this is probably the main reason why so many companies trust them with their data!

    Of course, that isn’t the only difference between these two platforms. The price is also quite a bit different between the two platforms, so this is something that you will no doubt want to consider if you need to think about your budget.

    Barracuda provides a very low-cost option, so is perfect for companies who want to create backup and recovery solutions on a shoestring budget. If you do decide to go with Veritas NetBackup, you will find that it costs quite a bit more, even though there are now a few reasonably priced licenses available.

    One further difference between these two options is the customer support provided by each platform. Barracuda offer help and support throughout the whole process of using its platform, from setting it up, through to using it and helping with any flagged issues. Some users of Veritas NetBackup found that the customer support didn’t quite match up to this.

    So which is the best pick?

    As you can see, there is a lot that you will need to consider when you are trying to choose between using Barracuda or Veritas NetBackup for your company’s backup and recovery needs. When choosing, it’s important to focus on your own individual set of needs and requirements so that you can then see which of these platforms will better meet them.

    Even though there is little difference between both Barracuda and Veritas, you should still take the time to consider their nuanced features and aspects so that you can come to a better and more informed decision. You can then be happy knowing that you’ve gone with the best backup and recovery platform for you and your company!

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