Veritas NetBackup vs. Commvault

Veritas NetBackup vs. Commvault
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    So, you’re looking for a disaster recovery (DR) solution for your business but you’re not sure where to start? This first step shows you’re on the right path!

    Having backup and DR solutions in place for your business is a necessity, especially at a time when technology in business is commonplace and masses of data are constantly being produced. This data needs to be protected and backed up, so businesses can carry on running even when there is a failure.

    Having a business continuity (BC) solution is more than just employing different kinds of hardware and software. BC plans require implementing and operating your backup and DR solutions. Depending on the solutions you choose, your business continuity plan may have differing needs, so it’s important to research exactly what a solution is offering.  

    This article will break down the main differences between Commvault and Veritas NetBackup — two major players in the backup and DR solution market — to help you choose which is best for your business!

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    Commvault: Complete Data Management Solution

    Commvault is a company with a fairly long history, as far as data protection companies go. First started in the late 1980s and officially founded in 1996, the business has grown into a leader in the data and information management field. The company is used by leading brands, such as Sony, Tivo and Panasonic.

    They boast 44% less annual spending on data management for their clients, 62% less annual downtime and 31% fewer administrative hours spend on data management, storage, and protection. As well as software, Commvault also offers other services that are preferred by large, multi-vendor IT shops.

    In 2018, Commvault unveiled four new products to offer complete and scalable backup and recovery. These include their Complete Backup and Recovery software-as-a-service, which includes data management for on-premises, the cloud and anywhere else data needs to be managed. Commvault’s offering includes multi-cloud backup, applications and databases, virtual machines, endpoints, and disaster recovery.

    Complete Backup and Recovery provides standard functionality for storing protected data, and the option to store data with common cloud storage providers. It has full support for all file systems, applications and virtual environments, and can replicate copies of live data in secondary locations.

    The service can integrate with hardware providers for data snapshots and backup, and gives endpoint users the ability to protect, recover and share data. Commvault’s AI and machine learning algorithms continually optimise performance. Commvault offers a complete solution for disaster recovery and data management to cover all essential needs.

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    Veritas NetBackup: Established Backup and Recovery Provider

    Veritas was at one time the top choice for backup and disaster recovery. Since recently becoming an independent entity from Symantec, the brand is re-establishing itself as a big player in the field.

    Veritas Technologies is used by 97% of Fortune 100 companies and 86% of Fortune 500 companies, operating in more than 35 countries, with 50,000 customers. They have 20,000 partners and 1,600 patents, and have been chosen by leading commercial banks, financial data service providers and telecommunications companies. As well as backup and recovery, Veritas offers a range of data management and business continuity products.

    Veritas NetBackup offers data protection for cloud, virtual and physical data. The latest version of the software (8.1.2) features a simple, web-based interface with optimized workflows. It makes work simple for a backup or security admin and allows for scalability for businesses of all sizes.

    NetBackup is a single solution to protect all data assets and provide support for data in every environment. It integrates with appliances, cloud storage, and other technology, and it continues to bring new technologies to the market.

    NetBackup integrates with different operating systems, virtual systems, databases and applications, as well as storage systems and cloud platforms. NetBackup helps businesses to back up their data remotely and offers a range of tools to prepare for disaster recovery. Their solution can be deployed quickly and has features to streamline operations to help businesses do more with less.

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    Commvault vs. Veritas NetBackup: Which Comes Out on Top?

    When it comes to popularity, Veritas is slightly more favoured over Commvault. However, both options can provide excellent tools for data backup and disaster recovery.

    One difference between the two products is the offering for endpoint backup, protection, recovery, and sharing. Commvault offers the option of giving endpoint users these capabilities, whereas Veritas NetBackup is lacking in endpoint backup capability. This could leave some businesses wanting more if they decide to choose NetBackup but want to make sure that their endpoint users have control over their data. Selecting Commvault ensures these endpoint user functionalities are available.

    Both solutions offer tools for backup and recovery in different data environments, including on-premises, cloud and virtual environments. They offer a package of backup and recovery tools that enables all data recovery management using the same software, instead of requiring a number of different tools.

    Both software choices work with major cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM and Google Cloud Services. Commvault provides a more popular option for smaller businesses, whereas Veritas NetBackup is a more established product that is favoured by large enterprises.

    Commvault offers a relatively new solution, having only released their complete backup and recovery tool in 2018. NetBackup is a more established player in the market but is in the process of re-establishing itself as a popular brand. The most recent update has helped to keep their offering up to date with the web-based user interface that is easy to use.

    In terms of cost, many businesses find that Commvault offers the more affordable option. Many people recommend Commvault for smaller businesses with fewer resources.

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    The Complete Solution for Your Business

    When you are trying to choose between Commvault and Veritas NetBackup, or any other backup and disaster recovery software, you should look at the complete package and what features you will receive as part of the software suite. Commvault and Veritas NetBackup are two products that offer a complete solution for backup and recovery so that you don’t need to look for further tools and additions.

    They both offer many integrations so that they can be smoothly used with other hardware, software, cloud storage and more. Before you start comparing products, it’s a good idea to outline your needs so that you can make sure they meet your requirements.

    Choosing between different options when you need a disaster recovery solution can be difficult, but you can make it easier if you have a specialist help you do so. Specialists with the right knowledge and experience can assist you in making the right choice so that you have an expert opinion to guide you.

    It’s also important to remember that software is just one part of a solid disaster recovery plan. You also need to consider hardware and infrastructure and create the right processes. A specialist service can help you to arrange all of this so that you can build a complete solution. With the right help, it’s possible to put all necessary elements into place.


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