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    Wedlake Bell implements NexStor low bandwidth replication solution


    Wedlake Bell is a leading London law firm which provides a full service to UK and international corporate and private clients. The firm has a long history and a modern approach. It’s expertise includes corporate and commercial, IP and IT, dispute resolution, employment and pensions, private client, property and construction, English legal advice and offshore trust company services. Riana Nel, Wedlake Bell’s Systems Administrator, was faced with slow performance when trying to replicate between two storage devices for cross site disaster recovery. She has been with the company for nine years and administers all of the IT systems. The IT team supports 160 on-site users in London.

    The Challenge

    “The problem wasn’t just bandwidth, it was also ease of use. The existing products were going to be massively expensive to upgrade in order to give the level of service we required. They were just not suiting our needs anymore.” said Riana Nel. NexStor researched the requirements and came up with a solution that could perform well over a restricted bandwidth line. They recommended a combination of products that included Nexsan’s SATAbeast and InMage DR Scout replication software.

    The Solution

    “The NexStor guys I dealt with were very open, I could ask them anything and they gave an objective view. I liked the fact that they would find a product or solution that accommodated our requirements. They could have tried to push a more expensive product but they didn’t. The SATAbeast does exactly what they said it would, it is an out of the box solution. It has a clear interface and installation was really easy. Our existing products had become too complex, you needed specialist skills in order to run them and for a small firm this is not feasible.” she explained.

    The Benefits

    Riana Nel is now sure that the data is safe. “I feel more confident. I can see files and documents on the remote SAN rather than simply verifying the content by reading a report.” “The InMage software, DR Scout is new in the UK and not well known. I really can’t fault it. The project went very well. DR Scout is intuitive, we did not even have to attend a training course, we simply read the manual. It has given us exactly what we want. Implementation went smoothly, RPOs are very good and the small issues we did have were resolved very quickly. InMage Product support is great, they went out of their way to help. CDP replication happens almost in real time meaning any file recovery can be done quickly from our DR site negating the need for tape restores.” Regarding the NexStor’s recommendation for the new system: “I like the fact that they listened to our requirements and sourced products that resolved our needs. Their technical knowledge is very impressive. Moreover, they leave you to make a decision and are not constantly calling. I like them as they have an indepth knowledge of a wide range of storage products and they have a very open minded approach.” she concludes.
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