What is Veeam Cloud Connect and Do You Need It?

what is veeam cloud connect
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    The technological equivalent of an oil spill would be a data loss, theft, compromise, or a ransomware lockup. You may be aware of the disastrous oil spill from the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon offshore rig back in 2011. Over 172 million gallons of crude oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico. That oil spill was a result of inattention, bad operational management and poor equipment maintenance — namely, when blowout preventers failed to choke off the oil flowing from the pipe and thus failed to disconnect the rig from the well. There have also been catastrophic “data spills” and breaches where millions of personal records, credit cards and private medical information were compromised. Just as the BP incident killed workers, when hackers disabled a German hospital computer system, a patient died while doctors tried to transfer her to another hospital. There has never been a greater need to store your proprietary and irreplaceable data safely. When the pandemic is in the rearview mirror, many organisations will continue to leverage the advantages of remote working arrangements, and so our dependence on the Cloud for data storage and recovery will be evermore unavoidable.

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    Advantages of cloud storage and backup

    Your team of remote workers need to access your business data in a convenient, safe, and secure cloud. Your business, in turn, must depend on a streamlined and integrated cloud data storage and backup platform with the following features:
    • Instant, global access to data: Anyone, anywhere, anytime can access the data stored in the cloud — a feature which is undeniably crucial for remote working practices.
    • Efficiency above all: Simply more efficient than hard drives or tape-based media. Once configured, cloud backup is automatic, meaning you can focus on core business activities and plans for growth.
    • Portable cloud storage: You can move data between different clouds — and even between on-premise and off-premise environments — with no barriers or other restrictions to speak of.
    • No fail zone: Even if you do not suffer an IT-related disaster, your hard drives will eventually deteriorate. Drive failure means you’ll have to go through the laborious process of replacing equipment and transferring all the data over to the new drive. Any form of drive failure would also mean you suffer at least some data loss — depending on when you last backed up, of course — but, none of this is a problem when you store and back up with the cloud.

    What is Veeam Cloud Connect and how can it leverage the advantages of the Cloud

    Veeam Cloud Connect does all the above — and more. It is a technology that allows a service provider to easily set up and maintain a secure, multi-tenant environment for hosting off-site backups and replicated VMs. Cloud Connect is a feature of Veeam Backup & Replication, which has a cloud service provider side and a tenant side. The features of Veeam are as follows:
    • Cloud-based: Secure, cost-effective, simple cloud-based backup, disaster recovery and archival.
    • Backup: Built for speed, portability and comprehensive coverage.
    • Replication: Disaster recovery for critical apps with the best RPOs.
    • Recovery: Make recovery objectives a reality with instant recovery.
    • Security: Protection from ransomware and cyber threats that are immutable and secure by design.
    • Automation: API integrations that are available for any use case and management style at scale.
    • Storage: Keeps costs down with faster backups available at infinite scales.
    • Data reuse: Unleash backup data for testing, mining and DevOps.

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    But why should you use Veeam?

    The latest version is Veeam Availability Suite V11. The new V11 has over 200 enhancements and is the single solution for:
    • Comprehensive data management.
    • The power and flexibility to protect each phase of the data life cycle.
    • The handling of the complexity of a multi-cloud environment for AWS.
    • Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud platform.
    Across most businesses, workloads in multi-cloud ecosystems are accelerating. Veeam’s leading backup solution now includes ransomware and reliable security protection to defend against the growing risks of cyber threats, including the following features:
    • Disaster recovery: Eliminates downtime and minimizes data loss for VMware Tier-1workloads with built-in continuous data protection.
    • Ransomware protection: Relies on safe, hardened Linux data repositories that actively prevent encryption by ransomware, data deletion — each without hardware lock-in.
    • Reduced data archive storage costs: (up to 20 times) With a new native support for Amazon, Microsoft Azure, and newly supported Google Cloud Storage.
    • The lowest recovery time objectives: For MS SQL, Oracle, and NAS file shares.
    • MacOS device support: With the new Veeam Agent for Mac.
    • New Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): To leverage the services required to take full advantage of V11.
    Those features in Veeam Availability Suite V11 equate to a powerful cloud-enabled monitoring and analytics capability. It can harness the power of intelligent automation, cloud portability, and a backup and recovery reliability for immutable backup, ensuring the original data is never compromised. Finally, V11 provides the data reliability assurance, which is the foundation of governance and compliance requirements. You can effectively manage your backups from virtual testing and ensure your data copies are recoverable and secure.

    Getting started with Veeam Cloud Connect

    Nexstor can guide you through the complicated process of setting up your cloud storage. Here are four critical steps you need to consider in harnessing the power of Veeam Cloud Connect:
    1. Choosing your backup provider: This is a big decision, and you need to make the right one. Nexstor can offer you the expertise and support that you need to make an informed decision here.
    2. Configuring and implementing the system: This is a necessary, and often time-consuming process. We’ll show you how to do the job right the first time.
    3. Integrating the Veeam platform with your current IT system: Without a full understanding of the platform, this could be laborious and time-consuming. We’ll get you there quicker.
    4. System maintenance and upgrading after integrating Veeam into your IT infrastructure: When the solutions are in place, you need a team to help manage and monitor your cloud backup operation, to help keep it up and running and to alert you to any detected security or operational issues.
    We can fill in the gaps by helping you with every step along the way. Nexstor’s services can start you from scratch or extend the capacity of your existing platform to add the best disaster recovery. Now, you know it, you know you need it – go get it! You know how important cloud backup is to your business, and you know that Veeam’s Cloud Connect is a great solution to your backup worries and problems — existent or hypothetical. Get a quote in seconds with our Veeam Cloud Connect pricing calculator.

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