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    Building a hybrid backup and data protection solution for Atria, a leading UK software developer

    Click here to read the full case study Established in 2019, Atria is a member of the Agena Group, a diverse business that offers car parking and related software solutions to clients in the UK. As a forward-thinking and innovative company, Atria aims to transform the parking industry with software that is tailored to the needs of customers and supported by extensive expertise in design, software development, and business management. In addition to its position as a leading software developer in the parking industry, Atria also offers solutions to the other three organisations within the Agena Group, which has 300 employees and includes Premier Park, Park Watch, and UK Car Park Management.

    Meet With A Veeam Specialist


    As Stuart MacLaren, Group CTO, explained, the organisation was facing a number of challenges with its existing backup and replication systems. “Our legacy backup infrastructure and capabilities were somewhat limited, and as a growing business,” he said. “We needed to move forward with a solution that addressed our operational and security priorities.” He continued: “The most urgent problem was that we had limited offsite backup capability, and in particular, no immutable data protection. This prompted us to look for a technology partner who could work with us to give us the capabilities we needed.” In addition, their data centre provider was offering a basic backup solution that lacked resilience and had reached its capacity, this was a major concern for Atria as they had multi-terabytes of data and needed to retain a large number of restore points.


    To address these challenges, MacLaren turned to Nexstor, whose track record as data storage and hybrid cloud specialists put them in an ideal position to identify and implement a solution to address Atria’s infrastructure priorities. Responding to the Atria brief, Nexstor recommended a hybrid cloud solution based on a dedicated Veeam appliance, backing up their Linux virtual servers and databases. This is replicated offsite using Nexstor Cloud, a service that gives users like Atria the flexibility, security and power of the cloud, combined with the cost predictability of a traditional IT estate. In total, the solution protects over 100TB of restore points, providing protection against ransomware attacks. Atria also worked closely with Nexstor’s professional services team for installation, configuration and handover.


    “The impact of the Nexstor solution has been extremely positive,” said MacLaren. “Not only does a hybrid approach provide immediate access to our data onsite, but the Cloud copy has significantly increased their retention period.” Download the full case study here
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