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    In today’s era, data backup and disaster recovery solutions have never been more important. While technology has come a long way, hackers have been able to keep up and the threat from natural disasters is ever-present. For these reasons, all businesses must identify the right data backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution for their organisation. Some of the most important factors to consider include:

    • How the backups are handled
    • The various recovery options available
    • The protection they offer for specific disaster scenarios
    • The cost
    • The complexity of their deployment and management
    • Their scalability

    In this article, we compare two of the most popular options on the market today: Datto vs Veeam. Let’s see how they stack up against each other.

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    Datto: A leading data backup and DR solution provider

    Datto is one of the most prominent cybersecurity and data backup companies in the digital world. They were founded back in 2007 and are known for producing advanced cybersecurity products that help organisations of all sizes protect against some of the latest threats in the cyber world.

    Datto offers a variety of data backup options:

    • Datto SIRIS: Datto provides recovery as a service (DRaaS) for local and virtual environments, including the cloud, all on a single platform
    • Datto ALTO: Datto ALTO is a continuity solution that is designed to use image-based backup services via a hybrid cloud model for small businesses
    • Datto NAS: Datto NAS is a network-attached storage platform for businesses that has been designed to protect large datastores while also providing the ability to secure, sync, and share files

    The strengths of Datto’s data backup and DR solution:

    • Datto provides instant virtualization of any on-premises servers
    • They provide instant bare metal recoveries of both virtual and physical servers
    • Datto provides its entire backup chain to its customers and MSPs, which includes cloud files, applications, and DR services

    The weaknesses of Datto’s data backup and DR solution:

    • Datto’s file-restore services do not recover file permissions
    • Encrypting backups with Datto will cost extra storage space because they are not compressed

    Despite this, Datto has become one of the top data backup and disaster recovery solutions on the market.


    Veeam’s flagship product: The Availability Suite

    Veeam is a company that was founded in Switzerland back in 2006. It originally offered solutions used to monitor virtual infrastructure but has evolved to become one of the top cybersecurity companies on the market today.

    Now, the company has numerous backup solutions for cloud, virtual, and physical infrastructures. Their flagship product when it comes to data backup and disaster recovery solution is the Veeam Availability Suite.

    The Veeam Availability Suite is one of the industry’s standard-bearers. It has been designed to offer robust data backup and disaster recovery capabilities along with continuous monitoring. The product carries out two major functions: Veeam Backup and Replication and Veeam ONE Monitoring.

    The strengths of Veeam’s backup and DR solution include:

    • Veeam focuses on VMware and Hyper-V Virtual Environments
    • Veeam maintains partnerships with some of the top vendors on the market
    • Veeam provides a basic configuration that makes its products easy to use, along with a single-pass virtual backup capability

    The weaknesses of Veeam’s data backup and DR solution

    • There is limited support available for its applications and physical servers
    • Their backups take longer and require extra storage space because the product lacks granularity when deciding what to back up

    Overall, the Veeam Availability Suite is one of the top options when it comes to data backup and disaster recovery solutions.


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    Comparing and contrasting Datto vs Veeam

    Now that some of the strengths and weaknesses have risen to the surface, it’s time to compare the two products. There are a few main areas in which they differ. They include:

    Business size

    One of the most important differences between Datto and Veeam is that they’re designed for different sizes of businesses. The Veeam Availability Suite is designed for enterprise-level businesses. For small businesses, the Veeam option is probably a bit too much. Datto’s options come in various packages that can be tailored to small businesses.


    The Veeam Availability Suite provides continuous monitoring which is a major advantage over Datto. Instead, Datto focuses on data protection and continuity while forgoing the VM-monitoring and reporting capacities of Veeam ONE.

    Backup and replication capabilities

    The two platforms are comparable in terms of their backup and replication capabilities. Veeam’s backup and replication software can be deployed on its own and uses image-based replications to a cloud chosen by the user. Datto is deployed in the same way, using image-based replication to a cloud of the user’s choice. The most notable difference is that SIRIS from Datto is fully integrated whereas the Veeam service will require some configuring to make it fully continuous.

    Office 365

    Datto provides a service known as Backupify that has been designed specifically for Office 365, adding a layer of SaaS protection for Microsoft products. Veeam also provides protection for Office 365  — however, the difference is in how they are stored. Veeam provides the option to store unlimited data both locally and in the public cloud, meaning you could even opt for a hybrid cloud strategy. Datto stores all backups in its own cloud using a simple process and also provides unlimited storage. Ultimately, both vendors are solid options for backing up your Office 365 data.


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    Datto vs Veeam: Which is the better option?

    In the end, there is no single right answer. Users have to choose which product is right for them. Some of the important considerations include:

    • The size of the company
    • The scalability of the product
    • The amount of storage space
    • The requirement of monitoring capabilities
    • The price

    That’s why it’s best to take stock of your business and its needs before fully researching the right solutions tailored to you.

    In the Datto vs Veeam battle, both are comprehensive vendors that provide numerous services. It’s a good idea to work with data backup and disaster recovery specialists who can help you make the right choice. Disaster recovery is a comprehensive project and requires meticulous attention to detail. The right software solution should make you feel secure while still feeling like you have control of your data, software and hardware. Specialists can help you build that total solution.



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