Pure Storage’s Evergreen: 5 reasons to make the move

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    In this day and age, data storage is more important than ever, particularly for businesses. Organisations can’t afford to lose any data and would run into several problems if they did. However, the right storage software can solve these issues. Pure Storage is an all-flash storage platform that many organisations are turning to for the fulfilment of their data storage needs. Read on to find out five reasons why you should make the move to Pure Storage’s Evergreen.

    What is Pure Storage’s Evergreen?

    Pure Storage’s Evergreen is an ownership model that provides revolutionary data storage. As an organisation grows and advances, storage needs undergo several changes.  Evergreen allows organisations to enjoy upgrades and expansions to their storage as needed. Upgrades to storage can be made immediately without downtime, impact on performance, or the need for data migrations or forklift upgrades. Overall, organisations can count on Evergreen Storage to ensure storage remains efficient, dense, and modern. Evergreen allows for the following:
    • Upgrade controllers, solid state disks (SSDs) and external host and internal array connectivity without a negative impact on performance like degradation or disruption.
    • Immediate, in-place upgrades to eliminate the risks typically associated with data migration and forklift upgrades. These risks are eliminated because the model requires neither forklift upgrades or data migration.
    • Preservation of the investment of the customer because the customer does not need to pay more support and maintenance costs, re-purchase hardware, or re-license storage software products to enjoy upgrades to next-generation technology.
    There are two different subscriptions for Pure Storage’s Evergreen: Gold and Silver. The primary difference between the two subscriptions is that Gold includes a hardware subscription and boasts the best economics when it comes to routine modernisation. Let’s look at some of the reasons to make the move to Pure Storage’s Evergreen… 

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    1. Maximise TCO savings

    One reason to make the move to Pure Storage’s Evergreen is so that your organisation can maximise total cost of ownership (TCO) savings.  Most organisations will enjoy TCO savings of a minimum of 30 percent with Evergreen Storage in comparison to traditional storage. These TCO savings are realised through the avoidance of a single forklift upgrade, which are typical with traditional storage options.

    2. Purchase with confidence

    Another advantage of Pure Storage’s Evergreen is that businesses can purchase this subscription with confidence. There is a “Love Your Storage” guarantee as well as a “Right-Size” guarantee. The “Love Your Storage” guarantee allows organisations to get their money back within 30 days if they aren’t satisfied with their purchase, no questions asked. This is a full refund. The “Right-Size” guarantee provides businesses with 12 months’ guaranteed effective capacity. If you make an expansion purchase, this guarantee will be extended, up to the array’s life. Another reason that organisations can purchase with confidence is that all array software is included. All software features are all-inclusive. Also, you can enjoy free access to new software features introduced by Pure Storage in the future.

    3. Keep your array running

    Organisations can count on Pure Storage to keep their array running with Evergreen maintenance, flat and fair rates, and white glove support. As long as you keep your Evergreen subscription current, you’ll enjoy protection from failures through the replacement of failed components as well as the proactive replacement of components that are about to fail. Pure Storage promises to keep maintenance and support rates flat and fair. Once you purchase a subscription, the maintenance and support rates will not go up. In fact, it’s more likely that these rates will go down than up. White Glove Support means that customers are provided with a support experience that they would normally have to pay a premium for. This support includes education and training, first-call access to L2 support, analytics and services, mobile and SaaS-based monitoring, support-managed upgrades, and on-site break/fix.

    4. Scale with Evergreen Gold

    Scalability is incredibly important to businesses, and for good reason. As an organisation grows, it’s important that it has opportunities to scale their resources. Fortunately, Pure Storage’s Evergreen allows organisations to scale their storage capabilities with Evergreen Gold. Free Every Three allows businesses to ensure the modernity of their array performance, features, and scale without disruptions or repurchases. Upgraded controllers are included with every three-year renewal of Evergreen Gold. There is also the Upgrade Flex that allows organisations to upgrade their array performance at any point in time as they expand. Organisations can also receive a trade-in credit for old controllers that can be used toward new controllers if they buy a qualifying capacity pack.

    5. Industry-leading customer service

    Finally, Pure Storage offers industry-leading customer service. The customer satisfaction rating for Evergreen Storage is five times greater than the industry average. Businesses can count on Evergreen Storage to meet their ever-changing requirements without disruption. For more information about why organisations should consider jumping on the Evergreen Storage bandwagon, build your own tailored quote with our Pure Storage SAN builder today. 

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