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    Every business, no matter the size, needs a smart and efficient data backup and recovery solution. Companies handle vast volumes of data and risk losing all of it if unplanned disasters occur. With the availability of data backup and recovery solutions, a business can recover from an unexpected loss of data. The files can be restored to an earlier point in time and help with business continuity.

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    For instance, a retail outlet could be storing data regarding clientele and revenue streams. If the data storage is corrupted or damaged, the business will lose not only revenue but also their clients. Therefore, it’s essential to have a backup option where the same data can be restored and retrieved. Regularly backing up your data can be the most critical activity you undertake for your business. It prevents primary data loss and data corruption and ensures that you have secure and clean data even after an event such as a natural disaster or hack attack. We will look at two of the top backup and data recovery software vendors: Veeam vs Rubrik. The strengths and weaknesses will be discussed to make it easier for you to choose the one that best serves your business’ needs.  

    Veeam: Backup and data management on a single platform

    Veeam is a privately held IT company that specialises in intelligent data management. It was founded in 2006 and currently has a revenue of $963 million (£777 million). The company seeks to develop backup and disaster recovery software for multi-cloud, virtual, and physical infrastructures. The company’s services have spread to most nations, offering a convenient data backup and recovery platform for most businesses.

    What Veeam offers for businesses

    Veeam is a software company that offers cloud backup and data management. The software ensures that data is protected, readily available, and actively working for businesses across the world. This means that it doesn’t need a physical location to offer data backup and management services. Regardless of where the data is located, whether it’s in physical systems, public cloud, hybrid cloud, SaaS, or multi-cloud, the platform can assist businesses to continue with their normal operations.

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    Rubrik: Simplifying backup and recovery

    Rubrik is a software company that offers data management services for businesses. It was founded in December 2013 and is worth over $3 billion (£2.4 billion), highlighting the rapid growth of the business. They are a reliable option regarding data backup and recovery options.

    What Rubrik has to offer businesses

    It is a data management platform that offers services such as data backup and recovery and mostly targets businesses that have hybrid cloud environments. The service can be run on-premises as well as on their cloud servers to manage and protect clients’ data.  

    Veeam vs Rubrik

    The two companies offer data backup and recovery services that are important for the continuity of business operations. They have their strengths and weaknesses, and choosing the best for your company depends on the features you are looking to maximise.


    Veeam is one of the most straightforward and reliable software solutions to use when backing up data. It offers easy integration with significant virtualisations, and the interface is easy to grasp for staff working in the IT department. It’s easy to learn and configure, as well as supporting various advanced features. It is also always up to date to work with the ever-evolving technologies found in businesses. Rubrik also has an easy to use interface, and the daily management is simple as well as flexible. It offers a seamless way of expanding capacity since data multiplies on the platform. There is no downtime required when expanding the capacity.

    Customer support

    Veeam offers fantastic client support at any time of day. The support team is knowledgeable about the product and are always open to provide advice on the best way to manage data. They still work to handle each case appropriately and ensure that each is resolved in good time. The calling support is secure, and the support team is both efficient and effective. The support network found in Rubrik is also excellent, and they’re prompt. Their support tunnel option is ideal, as they don’t need WebEx to work on your cluster. They also offer to do the upgrading for their customers even though it is simple. They ensure to follow up on each case for maximum customer satisfaction.  

    Strengths and weaknesses: which comes out stronger?

    The strengths of Veeam

    • Smooth integration — Veeam offers seamless integration as it is built for virtualisation. Therefore, it’s quick to work and offers instant file and VM recovery.
    • Easy offsite backup — This makes it easy to maintain files and provides protection from natural disasters. You can manage your data offsite to ensure maximum protection at any time of day.
    • Always reliable — You can always rely on the performance of the software. Therefore, you can still access your data with no worry of a breakdown.
    • Highly accessible — Data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, made easy through Veeam’s cloud connect service.

    The weaknesses of Veeam

    There are several aspects that make Veeam less than ideal for small to medium businesses. They include:
    • It’s sometimes troublesome to interact with the Centre
    • It is not easy to set up scheduled backup files to your USB

    The strengths of Rubrik

    • Simple backup and recovery of data — Because of the straightforward interface, data management is easy. You easily backup your data and recover it when needed. Also, the customer support team is always ready to offer assistance when called.
    • It accelerates cloud adoption — With quick cloud adoption, the retrieving and recovery of files is fast.
    • Enables automation at scale — With scalability, you can automate your data management. This is particularly important if you handle large sets of data.

    The weaknesses of Rubrik

    It is a relatively new entrant in the market. The limited-time of operation means that its longevity hasn’t been truly tested yet.  

    Veeam vs Rubrik: Which is right for your business?

    Both Veeam and Rubrik have varying strengths and weaknesses, as discussed, so it’s up to your business’ needs to choose the right fit for you. Veeam is suitable for small to medium enterprises. It’s affordable and offers reliable services. This is because it provides VM virtualisation that makes data management efficient. Rubrik’s easy interface and fast file recovery makes it a great choice for businesses just starting out. However, if you consult an IT specialist, you can get better insights on which software to select for your business. They can advise on factors such as reliability, speed of data recovery, and scalability.

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    How to choose the software to use

    There are several factors to look at when choosing a data backup plan. These are important to enable you to select the option that is suitable for your business. The cloud disaster recovery software you choose should be able to offer quick recovery of files in case of data loss. This is one of the crucial aspects of cloud backup.

    So what’s the takeaway?

    • Every business needs data backup and recovery platform for business continuity.d
    • Choosing a data backup provider depends on the size of your business and the amount of data.
    • The data backup provider needs to guarantee quick data recovery to ensure business continuity.
    • Consult with a specialist before choosing data management software to get a tailored solution for your business.

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