Key Benefits of Infrastructure Security & IT Health Audits

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    Whether your business uses on-premise or hybrid cloud storage solutions for its critical data, it is vital that you have a detailed understanding of the security risks, compliance requirements, and potential vulnerabilities associated with your data storage infrastructure. Advances in technology inevitably come with new vulnerabilities and risks, while the use of hybrid cloud storage increases both the surface area of your data infrastructure and the potential for cybercriminals to target it. Get in touch with the expert team at Nexstor today! While disaster recovery solutions are essential to ensure your business can recover its data assets in the worst case scenario, it is equally important to take preventive action to minimise the likelihood of data breaches and compliance failures. In this article, we’ll explore the key benefits of conducting infrastructure security and IT health audits.

    Fortifying Compliance With Data Protection Regulations

    The Data Protection Act (2018) has significant implications for organisations who process and store customers’ data, mandating strict compliance measures to safeguard individuals’ personal information and raising the prospect of substantial fines for non-compliance. But without a comprehensive audit of your business’s data management protocols, how can you be sure of its effectiveness? Regular audits of data management and infrastructure security will ascertain whether your organisation handles confidential information in line with data protection laws, enabling you to take prompt action in the event of shortcomings and providing a layer of protection should a data leak occur.

    Ensuring The Security Of Hybrid Data Storage

    Hybrid audits enhance data security by comprehensively evaluating both on-premises and cloud environments, enabling organisations to effectively identify and mitigate the risks associated with hybrid cloud data storage. With data scattered across on-premises and cloud environments, hybrid cloud data storage faces increased risks of data breaches, regulatory compliance, and complicated integration issues. Hybrid audits ensure that sensitive data remains secure and compliant, regardless of its physical or virtual location.

    Enhancing Security Stability

    An IT health audit plays a crucial role in enhancing security stability for businesses. By thoroughly assessing existing security measures and practices, an audit can identify vulnerabilities and gaps that could be exploited by cyberthreats, such as ransomware. Also, they promote the adoption of secure cloud infrastructure, providing recommendations to strengthen defences and maintain robust protection against increasingly complex and challenging cyber risks.

    Optimise Business Operations

    IT audits offer a valuable opportunity to optimise business operations by identifying areas that would benefit from efficiency improvements. By scrutinising workflows, processes, and the use of resources, audits uncover opportunities to streamline tasks, eliminate waste and redundancies, optimise resource allocation, and adopt industry best practices. Implementing the recommendations from audits will allow your business to achieve significant cost savings, boost productivity, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

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    If you would like to obtain a detailed and secure assessment of your entire IT environment, from edge-to-cloud, please contact the team at Nexstor to arrange your free IT health audit. Nexstor Free It Health Audit CTA Image Source: Canva
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