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    Cloud-first architecture and SaaS solutions for an international provider of award-winning talent solutions

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    The Challenge

    Historically, the IT infrastructure operated by Henderson Scott was based around on-premises technologies, supplemented by a limited level of Office 365 adoption. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread move to remote working, however, prompted a significant change in approach, with IT Director, Richard Caldicott, taking the decision to move the business towards a cloudfirst architecture and the adoption of SaaS solutions. This coincided with significant growth in the Henderson Scott business, including becoming part of a bigger group.

    This important technology project needed the support of an experienced technology partner to ensure they could deliver the capabilities required across a multi-national organisation.


    Having worked with Nexstor as an existing technology supplier, turned to them once more to plan, implement and support their new solution.

    As Richard Caldicott explained, “One of the key objectives was to put in place a simple, minimal management backup solution to ensure our systems remained up all the time and data was secure.” To meet this need, Nexstor worked with its partner Veeam to deliver a cloud-based backup solution, which in Caldicott’s words, would be “set and forget”. In doing so, the Henderson Scott IT team could more effectively focus on additional day-to-day tasks and overall strategic priorities.

    At the time the project was being planned and implemented, the business was also in the process of onboarding new IT staff, opening new offices and managing significant growth.

    With the support and expertise provided by Nexstor, Henderson Scott switched off their last on-premises server in December 2021 and completed their migration to Office 365.

    “Working with Nexstor and Veeam is an important decision for the business,” said Caldicott. “This wasn’t about simply finding the cheapest options, it was about finding a partner who would prioritise our needs while delivering quick and reliable customer service.”


    Their transition to a cloud-based business took approximately 18 months, and as Caldicott says, “It was a smooth and efficient process with no significant challenges. With the expertise and support of Nexstor, we now have a simple and effective environment with no single points of failure.” Even though Office 365 has extremely high levels of uptime, their solution still makes use of backups as an additional data protection and continuity measure.

    Of particular importance to Caldicott is the level of customer service he receives from Nexstor and the trust he places in the partnership to deliver the best outcomes for the business. “I value simplicity in the procurement processes and prefer to buy, rather than build, solutions, so I can focus on day-today priorities. In meeting this objective, Nexstor has become an extremely valuable technology partner.”

    “Overall, the transition to a cloud-based business has been extremely successful for the business, and we are now well-equipped to handle future challenges and growth,” he said.

    Take a look at the full case study here.

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