Green By Design: How HPE GreenLake Drives Sustainable IT Operations

A global network showcasing HPE GreenLake’s commitment to driving sustainable IT operations by optimising resource use on a global scale.
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    With sustainability an increasingly important consideration for businesses, technology providers, such as Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE), are reconsidering how to support more environmentally friendly operations by embedding sustainability in their core design principles and service delivery. In this article, we’ll explain how HPE GreenLake drives sustainable IT operations and enables businesses to showcase their commitment to support the eco-conscious revolution.

    What Is HPE GreenLake?

    HPE GreenLake is an innovative as-a-service platform that revolutionises IT operations through flexible, scalable resources that don’t require upfront investment. HPE GreenLake optimises resource utilisation and enables businesses to access and manage an array of IT services tailored to their specific on-demand needs. HPE GreenLake:
    • Allows enterprises to benefit from a cloud experience on their premises, with cloud services hosted at edge locations, colocation facilities, or in their own data centres.
    • Provides businesses with on-demand capacity, combining the agility and cost-efficiency of the cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT.
    • Manages the hardware and software services while businesses pay only for what they use for financial flexibility.
    • Utilises advanced analytics and machine learning to optimise workload placement, predict capacity needs, and improve efficiency.
    • Offers a range of cloud services, including compute, database, private cloud, storage, networking, VDI, HPC, backup, SAP HANA, and edge services.

    Innovating Through Intent

    Through its as-a-service platform, HPE GreenLake encourages efficient resource utilisation, driving reductions in the physical hardware footprint while harnessing the power of data analytics to finely calibrate energy consumption. An innovative approach empowers businesses to modernise their IT operations with a dual focus: upgrading technological capabilities while consciously minimising their environmental impact and promoting sustainable business practices.

    Making Efficient Use Of Resources

    A key advantage of HPE GreenLake is its ability to virtualise and consolidate workloads, mitigating the need for sprawling on-premises server farms. The platform’s use of metering and analytics ensures ongoing optimisation of workload placement, avoiding overprovisioning and reducing energy consumption. As well as cutting costs, this diminishes the demand for physical infrastructure, aligning IT operations with sustainable energy practices and promoting a greener footprint.

    Scaling To Meet The Needs Of The Business

    The on-demand scalability of HPE GreenLake supports more sustainable operations by eliminating the need to continually deploy new hardware as demand soars. Instead, businesses can scale resources up or down as needed, an elasticity that ensures optimal utilisation levels are maintained across the infrastructure. At the same time, electricity consumption will fall as less energy is needed to operate and cool extensive servers, saving businesses money while reducing carbon emissions during electricity generation.

    Optimising Workload Placement

    By bringing cloud services into data centres as part of optimised workload placement, HPE GreenLake reduces the energy-intensive data transfers involved in moving workloads to external cloud platforms. Workloads can be run closer to the point of use, improving efficiency. Increased proximity optimises processes and reduces latency, further improving overall energy efficiency and operational effectiveness within the IT infrastructure, particularly for energy-intensive activities such as machine learning and data analytics.

    Reducing Electronic Waste

    The circular economy is another important consideration when choosing HPE GreenLake as, where possible, products are reused and recycled rather than discarded. HPE leads the way on upcycling devices, maximising their usable life before they are recycled in an environmentally responsible way. As well as reducing electronic waste, the environmental costs of manufacturing new hardware are also decreased, as fewer raw materials are needed and the emission of carbon emissions during manufacturing is also cut.

    Stay Ahead Of The Environmental Revolution

    To find out more about the environmental benefits of HPE GreenLake, please get in touch with Nexstor today. Nexstor Free It Health Audit CTA Image Source: Canva
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