HPE’s 2024 Vision: Innovation, Sustainability & Profitable Growth

The synergy between human innovation and AI technology, reflecting HPE’s strategic focus on AI and cloud computing for 2024.
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    Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently unveiled its vision and strategy for 2024, highlighting innovation, sustainability, and profitable growth as its key principles. With the adoption of hybrid clouds accelerating, HPE is positioning itself at the forefront of the market through strategic investments in emerging, high-growth segments.

    In this article, we’ll reveal HPE’s main ambitions for this year and how different technologies could support them.


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    Hybrid Cloud Segment

    A major component is the launch of HPE’s new Hybrid Cloud segment, combining all storage and compute as-a-service offerings, including HPE GreenLake Private Cloud and software solutions. This presents an enormous $1.3 trillion market opportunity which HPE aims to capture through the continued expansion of its HPE GreenLake platform. HPE GreenLake now features over 50 cloud services and has gained strong momentum in the last year, with over 1,200 business customers and an annual revenue run rate that exceeds $775 million.

    Expanding The Greenlake Platform

    Building upon this foundation, HPE is introducing new cloud-native offerings and capabilities on HPE GreenLake which will enable businesses to optimise on-premise infrastructure, combine it seamlessly with public cloud resources, and deploy applications and workloads across edges, data centres, and clouds. Innovative additions to HPE GreenLake will empower businesses with greater flexibility and efficiency, fostering a dynamic environment for the seamless integration and deployment of applications and workloads.

    Artificial Intelligence

    HPE is also witnessing a significant shift in demand towards Artificial Intelligence (AI), stimulating an increased focus on supercomputing, AI infrastructure, and AI platform software. This aligns with HPE’s strategy to capitalise on higher-growth segments and emerging technological opportunities. In response to the evolving landscape, HPE’s 2024 goals involve strategically investing in cutting-edge research and development, ensuring that its AI solutions not only meet current market demands but also position the company as a leader in shaping the future of AI technologies.

    Meeting Sustainability Goals

    Sustainability is equally integral to HPE’s 2024 vision, mirroring the surge in popularity of environmentally-friendly business strategies. By combining technology insights with financial expertise through lifecycle solutions and circular economy solutions, HPE aims to align with the sustainability goals of businesses, their customers, and the wider community.

    Reimagining The Market Focus

    Overall, HPE is shifting its portfolio towards higher-growth, higher-margin businesses that tap into major technology trends such as  hybrid cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and edge computing. With a sharp focus on innovation and sustainability, HPE is positioning itself at the forefront of this transformation with an aim to deliver profitable growth.

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