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    Backups help businesses rebuild networks following data loss. Without a data recovery mechanism, it is challenging to regain access to critical business information, such as product data, customer information, mailing lists, payroll data, and business plans. The ever-present threat of cyberattacks and other disasters necessitates the use of enterprise backup and disaster recovery software. Viruses can cause havoc by destroying your organisation’s network. The failure to implement a feasible recovery can compromise the ability to restore vital information. In turn, data loss ruins customer confidence and your company’s reputation.

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    Choosing the right backup solution is vital to your organisation’s resilience and future. In doing so, you make backup copies regularly to prevent data loss. The copies act as insurance against disasters that compromise the availability of critical business information. You can do this with the help of the right tech. This article will cover two leaders in the backup and recovery world: Veeam and Veritas Backup Exec. Let’s take a closer look at these two solutions.

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    Veeam: A world-class availability suite

    Founded in 2006, Veeam has grown to become a prominent player in the disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) space. The company helps clients simplify backups and data recovery in virtual environments. It employs advanced technologies to ensure consistent data availability for organisations in different parts of the world. With over 375,000 clients, Veeam provides simple, reliable solutions for data stored in physical and cloud-based systems.

    Veeam Availability Suite

    Veeam Availability Suite combines monitoring and enterprise data protection solutions to provide a comprehensive product. This enterprise bundle enables your business to leverage data protection and analytics features. You gain valuable insights into key configurations while keeping data safe. Veeam Backup & Replication provides viable solutions for operational challenges. It enables organisations to protect data without inflating IT costs. The product works well with Veeam One, which offers enterprise-grade monitoring and analytics capabilities. Essential capabilities of these products include AI-powered monitoring and diagnostics, cloud portability, intelligent automation, and effective data backup management. You can take advantage of flexible, granular recovery and backup options. High levels of flexibility allow your organisation to retain control of backup and recovery processes. Veeam provides a simple way to back up and recover within the cloud. The benefits of cloud portability include significant cost savings and convenience. On top of this, Veeam helps clients keep compliant with specific regulatory requirements. Backups from virtual testing make it easier to ensure that data copies are secure and recoverable. Some of the essential features that come with Veeam backup and recovery software include:
      • Built-in alerts to inform you about suspicious activities in your network
      • Around the clock monitoring and reporting
      • Storage capacity planning tools
      • Automated remediation to resolve common malfunctions
      • Access to IT cost and usage information for the backup and replication service
      • Immutable backup to protect against ransomware

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    Veritas Backup Exec: A unified solution without barriers

    Veritas Technologies LLC provides top-tier backup solutions to businesses of all sizes. Its software allows your organisation to harness its technology to ensure business continuity and superior information governance. Countless clients depend on the service provider’s multi-cloud data management software to process and secure large amounts of data. With the software, your team can visualise, migrate, access, and protect data more efficiently. In addition to the software-defined storage, Veritas allows you to unlock insights from various data sources. Veritas Backup Exec ensures that your backed up data remains accessible and secure at all times. Your organisation takes advantage of the service, whether you are recovering from the cloud, protecting workloads, or connecting to on-prem storage. The solution is available based on term or perpetual subscription licensing. You can opt for bronze, silver, gold editions to suit your environment. The ideal package depends on the volume of front-end data or backup requirements involved. The key features and benefits of Veritas Backup Exec include:
    • Supports SQL environments
    • Protects against ransomware threats
    • Provides backup and recovery solutions for on-premise data centre, public, virtual, and hybrid cloud environments
    • Supports all Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage tiers
    • Automated data recovery testing for backups involving virtual machines
    • GDPR Guard enhances compliance
    • Enterprise-grade 128-/256-bit AES encryption for maximum data security

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    Veeam vs Veritas Backup Exec

    While both Veeam and Veritas Backup Exec provide simple backup and recovery solutions, the two services come with multiple distinct features and benefits. Most businesses need a recovery solution that is scalable, secure, highly automated, and affordable. Both offerings are mature and scalable, thus allowing clients to leverage the flexibility and advanced features to achieve operational objectives. Veritas comes with the Instant Cloud Recovery capability. This feature enables organisations to take advantage of seamless failover to Microsoft Azure in the event of a disaster. On the other hand, Veeam’s availability suite combines two powerful solutions: Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam One. These solutions unify data backup, recovery, and replication with monitoring and analytics. Real-time monitoring and built-in alerts help companies enhance compliance. Both services safeguard data using advanced cybersecurity technologies, including end-to-end encryption. Security features protect clients from threats posed by ransomware attackers. The notable difference between Veeam and Veritas Backup Exec is the latter supports all AWS storage tiers.

    The verdict

    The ideal DRaaS solution for any business depends on specific operational requirements. For this reason, it is challenging to separate Veeam and Veritas Backup Exec. Both these solutions come with a comprehensive set of features needed to maximise data protection. An organisation looking for data recovery software with real-time monitoring and analytics will find Veeam attractive. Meanwhile, an enterprise interested in a DRaaS solution that provides support for all storage tiers offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) can opt for Veritas. When selecting the right service provider, it is also vital to pick an offering based on the location of backups, the availability of data centre replication, and other key features. Before making the final decision, identify your organisation’s disaster recovery requirements. In doing so, you determine whether the service provider meets your specific needs. Enlisting the help of data storage and backup consultants — like Nexstor — is a surefire way to make an informed choice when selecting a backup and data recovery service. These specialists assess your business requirements and match them to the range of features offered by service providers like Veeam and Veritas. You can then rest assured that the cloud disaster recovery software you implement in your business is right for you.

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