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    As small and large companies work tirelessly to bolster operational resilience, they need to employ the ideal DraaS solution. Thankfully, data protection solutions like Veeam and Zerto provide advanced features to meet wide-ranging needs. These solutions ensure resilience when faced with risks such as network downtime, climate change, and cybercrime.

    However, companies need to choose the ideal data backup and recovery platform based on specific operational requirements. In doing so, it becomes easier to protect the business from threats like ransomware attacks and data theft. An ever-increasing number of cybercriminals are targeting small and medium-sized enterprises to steal sensitive business information, so it’s vital to be prepared.

    Let’s take a look at both company’s solutions and how they compare.

    Veeam: The go-to data backup and recovery solution

    With revenue bookings of more than $1 billion, offices in 160 countries, and a customer base of over 400,000, Veeam is undoubtedly a powerhouse in data protection services. It began operations in 2006 and has grown phenomenally over the years. It partners with thousands of leading and upcoming entities to provide comprehensive services to its growing customer base.

    Small and large firms rely on Veeam’s solutions to optimise data protection for virtual machines. The best part about its solutions is the reliability and speed of execution in virtual environments. Veeam continues to commit resources to improve its products to maximise benefits for backup solution clients.


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    Veeam: The offering

    Veeam Availability Suite is an essential component in its backup solutions as it enhances cloud data management capabilities from businesses of all sizes. It incorporates Veeam One (a monitoring and analytical tool) and the Veeam Backup and Replication solution. Companies leverage this enterprise bundle to ensure superior data protection and to glean insights from the data.

    The solution simplifies and bolsters backup modernisation, ransomware protection, hybrid cloud acceleration, data security, compliance, and remote work. Veeam comes with next-generation features aimed at increasing extensibility, data availability, and portability. You can count on the tool to provide comprehensive capabilities necessary when dealing with modern workloads.

    Veeam backup replication solution handles physical, cloud, and virtual workloads more efficiently regardless of data volumes involved. This capability ensures worry-free operations by resolving compliance challenges and protects sensitive data from ransomware threats. On the other hand, the solution enables you to manage the data backup lifecycle, saving you a significant amount of money and time. With our Veeam Cloud Connect pricing calculator, you can find out in seconds if the cost of cloud backup will work for your business.

    Key takeaways

    • Native backup and data recovery of Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2
    • Handles unstructured NAS data
    • Supports mass instant restores
    • Supercharges SAP and Oracle backups
    • Automates off-site redundancy
    • Supports granular recovery and log backups necessary for data-intensive apps
    • Ensures intelligent data reuse
    • Provides secure replication

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    Zerto: Down to the second data protection

    Zerto has demonstrated, over the years, its commitment to help businesses bolster resilience with uninterrupted technology. The company serves more than 7,000 customers from different parts of the world. It allows clients to maximise data protection and achieve business continuity by providing access to the IT Resilience Platform. Zerto employs a diverse team of professionals stationed across the globe.

    Its customers count on the platform to ensure glitch-free operations around the clock. Zerto works with firms involved in various sectors, including e-commerce, healthcare, and aviation.

    Zerto Data Protection (ZDP)

    Zerto‘s virtual replication and backup services make it easier for companies to reach their digital transformation goals. In addition, businesses minimise data loss and downtime thanks to the all-in-one IT Resilience Platform. Likewise, the solution helps users handle workloads seamlessly across data centres or cloud-based platforms.

    The platform underpins the concept of continuous data protection (CDP), which employs advanced journal-based technology. With this system, you can log all activities detected in a given time frame. Additionally, CDP allows data restores with down-to-the-second granularity.

    Zerto Data Protection (ZDP) simplifies backup and replication functions by allowing businesses to rely on a single platform. The best part is that the platform is compatible with multiple enterprise environments, and the installation takes a few minutes. In the end, you can achieve up to 50 percent in TCO savings.

    Key takeaways

    • Always-on replication
    • Compatible with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Built-in analytics provides a convenient overview of all your environments
    • Scalable DRaaS solution
    • Helps meet compliance requirements
    • Works well with a purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA)
    • Allows reuse of data from sandbox environments

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    Veeam vs Zerto

    Both Veeam and Zerto offer data recovery and backup solutions that provide speed, seamless integration with enterprise environments, improved scalability, and ease of use. They also offer all-in-one platforms capable of handling varying workloads, virtual infrastructures, and multi-cloud systems. These DRaaS platforms come with distinct features to consider.

    The main difference is that Veeam offers a more efficient backup and recovery solution capable of superior long-term data retention. Meanwhile, Zerto boasts tighter recovery point objectives (RPOs).


    Veeam sets itself apart from Zerto by integrating the powerful Veeam One solution to help users counteract common backup issues. Furthermore, the integration provides easy access to storage and usage information. Deep visibility and advanced reporting features enhance your organisation’s readiness.

    Additional features include:

      • Proactive backup alerting
      • Storage capacity planning
      • Automated failure remediation
      • Cyber threat alerts
      • DRaaS cost information for easier budget planning


    Zerto maximises replication by ensuring that data checkpoints are only seconds apart. In doing so, the solution allows you to rewind the backup to moments before an interruption. Meanwhile, Zerto bolsters the protection of large databases and apps dependent on them via application consistency groupings. With this feature, you’ll find it easier to restore all components simultaneously without modifying the order.

    Additional features include:

      • Infrastructure flexibility
      • Live data protection reporting
      • Simplified and non-disruptive failover testing
      • Maximum infrastructure flexibility

    Veeam vs. Zerto: The verdict

    Although the numbers and features play an important role in differentiating two data recovery tools, these factors may not cover the complete picture. To make the right decision, consider your strategic disaster recovery plan and risk management strategy. Matching your organisational goals and requirements determines your choice between Veeam and Zerto.

    If your company has low RPO needs, you’re more likely to find Veeam attractive. On the other hand, Zerto can be the ideal choice if a faster RPO is essential to your DR requirements. Whatever your choice, data storage and backup specialists — such as Nexstor — can help you make the right decision for your business’ needs.

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