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NexDesk, powered by Citrix XenServer, is our secure, high-performance Desktop-as-a-Service platform, allowing users the flexibility to #WorkFromAnywhere.

Nexstor.Cloud DaaS

9 reasons why you should choose our Nexstor.Cloud virtual desktop solution and join the #WorkFromAnywhere revolution.

1. Cost-Effective IT

Delivering your desktop through our cloud eliminates the capital expense associated with maintaining a data centre because you only pay for what you use. Prices start at as little as £39.99, including a Windows license and 2 factor authorisation with no set up fees and trial desktops available, all built to your specification.

2. Access Work From Any Device

Our managed desktop services are accessible form any HTML5-capable browser or mobile app, enabling you to work from any device including iOS, Android, Chromebook, laptop, desktop or Thin Client. Users maintain a consistent experience across all devices making switching devices throughout the day seamless.

3. High Definition User Experience

Users can be added within 24 hours and can work from anywhere – in the office, at home, or on the go. Resource-intensive apps and demanding graphics can be delivered alongside simpler task worker desktops, giving your users the right desktop for the right job, all from a single cloud-based solution.

4. Desktops for Remote or Temporary Workers

With NexDesk, you can rapidly deploy Windows apps and desktops for remote contractors or seasonal workers and easily close them down when not in use. No more lengthy provisioning cycles or expensive hardware sitting idle.

5. Centralise and Simplify Application Delivery

Centrally manage and deliver Windows-based apps to your workforce with one simple interface, making the life of IT easier. Users love it because know they can access everything with one click thanks to a single log-on experience.

6. Improve Security and GDPR Compliance

Because NexDesk managed desktops are delivered virtually, your sensitive information is stored in Nexstor’s UK based Cloud and not on a device – protecting your business against lost, stolen or compromised device scenarios. 

7. Ensuring Business Continuity

Scale up desktops on-demand, without the Capital Expenditure, enabling you to work through pandemics, snow days, or any other business interruption scenario. Once things are back to normal, we can quickly decommission those desktops so you will only pay for what you use.

8. Simplify M&A Infrastructure Changes

Optimise business ROI during mergers and acquisitions – Onboarding or off-loading a large number of employees is critical to a merger’s timely success. NexDesk managed desktops allows IT teams to easily provide or decommission desktops to workers with a single phone call or email to our 24/7 service desk.

9. UK Based Data Centres and Service Desk

NexDesk provides a UK-centric offering aimed at delivering an industry-leading service level agreement. Our engineers are available all day, every day to help with set-up, decommissioning and any other issues you may face — no problem is too big or small. Our data centres are UK based and offer unrivalled levels of availability.


Prices start at £39.99, and from £19.99 per additional user per month. Click below to set up a free 30 day trial or speak to one of our technical teams about your requirements.

NexDesk Benefits

Organisational Benefits

Enable and manage Bring Your Own Device at scale

Allow any device (Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple, Android)

Cut costs of delivering desktops in-house

Scale and flex desktops to meet changing demands

Stop investing in specialist computers and graphics processors

Manage access to company-owned assets and IP

Identity and access management

Deliver intensive applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and CAD

Infrastructure Benefits

No expensive hardware to buy, configure or manage

Migrate previously on-premise infrastructure into the cloud

Extensive infrastructure management included as standard

A range of desktop sizes to suit all requirements,
including bespoke configurations

NVMe storage as standard

Flexible contract terms

Monitor and control your resources

UK based, Tier 3 data centres

Security Features

  • The latest encryption technology for secure internet connectivity
  • Guaranteed data privacy and security
  • We've built our own infrastructure in-house which is hosted by us — no third parties — resulting in 99.9% uptime
  • Pre-emptive 24/7 system monitoring ensures potential issues are tackled before they become an issue
  • Centralised user profile management for guaranteed data privacy
  • Automatic disaster recovery and business continuity backup to safeguard your data should that 0.1% negative zone ever occur
  • BYOD-compatible with data stored securely in the cloud
  • We own all our infrastructure — and do we use it? Of course we do — it’s more secure like that

Our state-of-the-art security features mean you can get on with your job, serving your customers, safe in the knowledge that we’re getting on with ours, serving you.

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Working with Nexstor

Support is our strength

With our UK based, 24x7 support desk, our clients can access our support in three ways:

24x7 UK Based Telephone Support

Web-ticketing system


Ready to help you succeed

Nexstor employs Citrix, Microsoft and HPE Certified solution architects to ensure your cloud journey is as streamlined as possible

Nexstor ensures best practices are followed end to end and helps your IT team plan and design a cloud environment to deliver the best performance and ROI for your business

Fully staffed NOC monitoring the environment using the latest tools

Best of Breed Technologies

We work with Citrix and HPE to provide companies with the industry-leading software that builds a reliable and resilient data infrastructure.

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Our service uses dedicated hardware at both your site and our data centre. Unlike the majority of solutions available today, every one of our clients has their own appliance onsite, for instant recovery which synchronises to a 2nd system within our Tier 4 data centre.

NexDesk is a certified G-Cloud 11 supplier and is now available to all public sector organisations.

Call us to discuss how NexProtect is helping the public sector with their Cloud-FIrst strategy.

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